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Homeschool Bible curriculum to guard your teen against cultural lies
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Use this Bible Curriculum to Guard Your Teen Against Cultural Lies, Cults, and Heresy

At Master Books, we create #ProBible homeschool curriculum with a heart to help you fulfill your God-given parenting assignment: to prepare your children to enter adulthood knowing and believing God through His Word. Godless cultural giants are prepared to defeat the ill-prepared with so-called “evidence” that God’s Word cannot be trusted. With Foundations in Faith, a unique Bible curriculum for preteens and teens, your students will learn to know and honor God in ways that help them battle against the culture’s lies, cults, and heresies.
Elementary Apologetics Bible Curriculum by Master Books
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Help Elementary Homeschool Students Find Biblical Answers!

Discipling children to find answers to their questions in the Bible is a critical part of parenting. We've packed answers to over 100 questions real kids have asked about the Bible into our Elementary Apologetics Curriculum Pack for homeschool families.