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The Urgent Call for #ProBible Education

Every education comes with a worldview. What is the impact of your child’s current education and its philosophy on their faith in God? In this article, we are sharing very important research about the importance of a parent’s knowledge of biblical doctrines, the risk of allowing the public education system to influence your children's worldview, and resources to help you answer the command to intentionally disciple your children.
Author John Stamper Red Curtain Book Title Conflicted
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New Book Exposes Destructive Ideologies Taught in Public Education

Conflicted: Pulling Back the Curtain on Public Education was written by former public school educator, John Stamper, to sound the alarm for public school teachers and parents of the public school students. Stamper exposes the destructive, godless ideologies that were being presented as unchallenged facts to the students in his school. Some of those include Marxism, socialism, and even communism.  
John Stamper Discusses the Dangers of Public School Education
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Run, Don't Walk Away from Public School (Podcast)

Coach Stamper gives firsthand knowledge of the godless concepts public school teachers are trained to teach students. Learn why he resigned as a public school teacher and how his homeschool experience impacted his stand for righteousness.