The Power of a Gospel-Centered Homeschool

The Power of a Gospel-Centered Homeschool
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The Power of a Gospel-Centered Homeschool

Raising godly children can be much easier when we take a gospel-focused approach to discipline. Todd Friel, author of Reset for Parents: How to Keep Your Kids from Backsliding, joined us for our 2022 Smarter Way to Homeschool Summit to talk about the role parents play in their child’s salvation. His message is timeless and so important for every Christian parent.

We recently shared Todd’s interview on the Master Books podcast and now here on our blog because we want everyone to hear this message. In the link below, Todd shares:

  • The Goal of Parenting
  • The Two Messages of the Gospel
  • How to Respond When Someone Sins Against Us
  • How to Discipline So Your Child Loves Jesus Even More
  • The Power of a Gospel-Centered Home
  • How to Show Teens that Jesus is Real

We invite you to share this podcast episode with friends and family! It’s just too good to keep to yourself.

Master Books publishes Christian homeschool curriuclum and biblical apologetics to help families like yours develop and defend a biblical worldview. This podcast episode is an extention of our mission of ink on paper to impact eternity. We welcome you to explore these resources to help your family, church, and community of faith stand firm on the Word of God.

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