What Your First Grader Needs to Know

What Your First Grader Needs to Know
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What Your First Grader Needs to Know

Homeschooling a first grade student is fun and exciting because children are naturally inquisitive and curious at this age, eager to develop their skills and learn about the world around them. But what exactly does a first grader need to know? https://podcast.masterbooks.com/a-beautiful-foundation-for-reading-and-learning-with-carrie-lindquist/, homeschool mom of 3 and Master Books curriculum author, is here to walk you through the skills your student will be developing during this foundational year.


At the first grade math level, students are developing their ability to count to 100 — and beyond! As they count higher and higher, they’ll also need to develop a foundational understanding of place value. This skill will serve them well as they develop their mastery of basic addition and subtraction. 

Your student’s counting skills will also progress as they learn to count by 2s, 5s, & 10s. Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1 develops these skills and more through short, story-based lessons, real-life application, and hands-on activities.


Developing your student’s reading and basic writing skills are an important focus of first grade. However, reading abilities can vary greatly at this age. Your student may now be ready to begin reading, or they may already be reading simple words and phrases. In either case, Master Books is built for flexibility to meet your eager learners right where they are at!

For students who are ready to begin reading, Foundations Phonics is an open & go reading curriculum that teaches phonics through short interactive lessons, engaging worksheets, and exciting hands-on activities. Along the way, your student will embark upon an exciting journey through the pages of the very best book — the Bible — as they trace God’s plan of Salvation from Creation to the Resurrection of Christ. 

Foundations Phonics is an awarding winning homeschool curriculum for first grade students Foundations Phonics is an awarding winning homeschool curriculum for first grade students

Once your student has completed Foundations Phonics, or is already reading, Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 1 continues to gently develop their skills in reading, writing, and communication as they learn basic grammar rules, play with word rhyming, write simple sentences, develop critical thinking skills, and create their very own illustrated dictionary.

Social Studies

First graders often wonder, “Where do I fit in my world?” Making this stage the perfect time to learn about their home, family, community, local government, cultures, and communities around the world! My Story 1 is an adventure-based curriculum designed to help your student understand these topics from God’s perspective. 


First graders love to ask questions and explore the world around them. Science is the perfect subject to help them do just that! In first grade science, students explore weather patterns, our solar system, plants, animals, and their bodies through easy experiments and activities. Through simple lessons, hands-on science activities, and biblically inspired stories, Adventures in Creation guides your student as they explore these topics and more. As they learn, your student will discover that science is a wonderful tool God has given us to study and explore His creation.

First grade students using Master Books homeschool curriculum science and bible courses First grade students using Master Books homeschool curriculum science and bible courses


First grade is a foundational year, both academically and spiritually. As young students explore the world around them, they often begin to ask who they are, who God is, and what is their place in the world. Master Books offers two Homeschool Bible curriculum options to help your child answer these questions and more. 

More Than Words Level 1 will help your child develop their own relationship with God through Bible study, journaling, art, and more! In Where Faith Grows Level 1, your child will discover God’s character traits and how they can relate to Him as you create a beautiful keepsake journal documenting your child’s faith journey.

Physical Education

First graders are well-known as busy and active students! Throwing, catching, kicking, and balance are important gross motor skills to continue developing at this stage. Our Physical Education (K-1) course through the Master Books Academy will guide your student through developing these basic sports skills and more as they participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

First grade is an exciting year of wonder and discovery, and Master Books Homeschool Curriculum is thrilled to partner with you as you teach your first grader everything they need to know. 

Carrie Lindquist is a homeschool coach, best-selling curriculum author, and busy mom to three wild boys. As a second-generation work-at-home homeschooler, she has a passion for helping busy moms create a homeschool that fits into their life and that they love. She has served the homeschool community for over 15 years and combines her real-world experience and background in education to create homeschool courses that are Biblically based, easy on mom, and fun for the family. Carrie and her husband Wayne live in the beautiful Ozark mountains where they enjoy going camping with their boys.

Carrie is the author of award winning homeschool curriculum including Foundations Phonics and the Let's Talk Science series.

You will find Carrie featured on the Master Books podcast often. Here are two of her most popular episodes:


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