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There’s an amazing world, underground! In Extreme Caving you’ll see incredible wonders of nature as Buddy Davis crawls, squeezes and climbs through mysterious underground passages and reveals clear evidence of Noah's Flood.

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Title Extreme Caving
Subtitle Earth's Incredible Underworld
Series Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures
UPC Code 881994005987
Contributors Buddy Davis
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 58
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Join Buddy Davis in this 3rd episode of the “Amazing Adventures” DVD series as he explores an amazing world found beneath the earth. In this new show, Extreme Caving you will enjoy the hidden treasures of nature as Buddy climbs, crawls and squeezes through several miles of subterranean passages, revealing clear evidence of Noah's flood. You'll also find out more about bats, blind cave fish, cavemen and how caves formed when Buddy talks with several leading scientists. Sure to be a thrilling adventure as you too experience the feeling of being several hundred feet underground. Includes free wall poster. DVD includes free music video and other bonus elements.

For the whole family
Review by Jennifer
Buddy Davis captured my daughter's attention in this informative DVD about caving. We enjoyed this so much we shared it with our grandparents who live in Tennessee where the cave from the dvd is located. They plan to go visit this cave.
Kids love it.
Review by Ben
My kids love Buddy Davis’ amazing adventure series. This one and the Ice Age one are their favorites. I am personally not a fan of is country songs but they are just kind of goofy in this series.
Add to Heaven and Earth
Review by monika
If you are doing Heaven and Earth curriculum add this to the list. We bought this and Ice Age DVD to add some fun to our lessons. I would recommend pairing these and learning about caves.
So well done!
Review by Jennifer
Follows suit with all his other adventure movies. Fun songs, great information, engaging, and loved by our whole family!
One of my absolute favorite homeschool resources.
Review by Lauren
I'm a huge fan of this series and Extreme Caving is just as exciting as the other ones. Buddy Davis explores a cave in Tennessee, and you learn so much along his journey. You learn about cave formations and why you might find seashells in a cave (Genesis 7) where no water exists around it. You learn about the Neanderthal people and how they survived in caves. There's also a great graphic displaying the differences in a gorilla or monkey skull heads compared to the Neanderthal people and humans today. You also learn about Indigenous people and how they survived and explored in caves. Buddy Davis shows what their torches might have looked like. It's so educational and fun at the same time! I recommend this series to anybody. Also, the music is some of the best country music I've ever heard. The instrumentals are so refreshing. Also check out Ice Age and Swamp Man! This is some of the best money I've spent for a homeschool resource. It's simply good quality family fun.
Creation in Caves
Review by Sarah
My kiddos loved learning about the wonder of creation in caves in this informative and fun video!
Definite Family Favorite
Review by TheMinistryMama
A definite favorite video with our kids! Buddy Davis' personality and teaching style is very friendly. The kids love to watch him and enjoyed this video very much with the songs and graphics too. I wish that all of the scripture references were in KJV. We enjoyed seeing Buddy trek underground in the caves with the guide and learning about the cave crickets.
Engaging and exciting
Review by JH
Again, Buddy hits it out of the park with an entertaining and educational dvd about caves. Full of adventure and fun as well as useful and memorable information. Who knew you could watch a dvd with your kids and call it science learning!
Good for elementary kids and up
Review by Amy
My 9 year old son was riveted. My 3 year olds watched just a little bit. It’s not really engaging enough for their attention span, but your older kids will think it’s pretty cool. I am certainly never going extreme caving, it looked terrifying, so watching this was a fun alternative. We do have a safe local cave that runs tours that my son has now expressed an interest in seeing, so that’s neat that it spurred his desire to learn and do something new.
this is great!
Review by Kelly
We were able to find this through our library loan system (and are planning on owning soon!). Very entertaining....and when he "crawls through tight spaces" we felt like we were right there with him!

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