Buddy Davis' Cool Critters of the Ice Age (Download)

Buddy Davis' Cool Critters of the Ice Age (Download)


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The Ice Age is a fascinating time period that kids love to learn about. With creatures like woolly mammoths and saber-tooth cats, no wonder children want to know more about it! But it can be hard to find books on the subject that are not from a secular, evolutionary point-of-view.

But look no further because your child will enjoy this exciting book that introduces children to fascinating Ice Age animals and also explains how the Ice Age was caused from a biblical, creationist perspective.

  • Surveys 17 strange and unusual Ice Age animals
  • Full of engaging illustrations, including height comparisons
  • From popular creationist speaker and author Buddy Davis
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Title Buddy Davis' Cool Critters of the Ice Age
Contributors Buddy Davis
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Meet 17 strange & unusual animals:

  • The size of a car!
  • Antlers over 12 feet long!
  • "Monster-sized" in North and South America!

There is a lot to learn about life during the great Ice Age. Was the ice everywhere? How did these animals live? With interesting facts about glaciers, land bridges, these animals, and more – you will see an amazing world emerge from the cold and distant past! Don’t forget your coat as you step back in time to discover why the Ice Age happened and what the Bible reveals about it!

An exciting Ice Age exploration led by popular adventurer Buddy Davis!

Great Pics, Great Info
Review by Carla
This book is very well done. The information in the book is presented in a way various age children can understand. It does a great job breaking down the science behind the ice age as well as aligning it with scripture - a win-win for my science loving son!
We love it!
Review by Theresa
The cover art looks silly, so I wasn’t sure about this book. It exceeded my expectations! There is so much content in this book, which does an excellent job teaching why the Ice Age happened from a biblical perspective, and highlighting 17 Ice Age animals, several of which were new to me. I’m also surprised to say that I LOVE the illustrations—very well done! My kids read this over and over again. I highly recommend it!

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