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For Grade Level 10-12

Now, you can do high school chemistry from home and have fun in the process -- yes, you can. Dennis Englin’s Chemistry is a thorough, practical, engaging lab-based curriculum that focuses on chemistry concepts and their applications. Even better, everything is strongly rooted in a biblical worldview. Written by a professional scientist and science educator, Chemistry effectively guides students through lessons and labs that are specifically designed for homeschool use. This curriculum is in-depth enough to prepare future STEM majors for college but accessible for any student needing high school chemistry.

  • Highly readable application-based textbook, with visually appealing layout
  • Curriculum developed for and used by homeschool students for 30 years
  • Teacher Guide includes all coursework, as well as schedule and supply lists for the labs
  • Step-by-Step lab instructions with photos for each step.

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1 x Master's Class High School Chemistry (Teacher Guide)
1 x Master's Class High School Chemistry

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SKU M134-2-SET
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Master's Class High School Chemistry Set
Subtitle The Study of Matter From a Christian Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683441342
Contributors Dr. Dennis Englin
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 3.9

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter. It is through an understanding of chemistry that the products that have benefited society were discovered, and technologies to sustain the environment were put in place. Knowledge of how matter changes will give us an insight into the origin of life, so we can realize that life could only have been formed by a supernatural act of creation, not by a process of change over time.

  • High school science course with lab curriculum
  • Lab experiments are included with guidance on where to order the lab equipment and supplies needed for the course
  • Based on the principle that those who can understand and apply information do much better than those who simply memorize material

This course has been taught by Dr. Englin for several years, with students going on to medical and graduate school. He wanted to develop a series of courses that would give students the tools to help them succeed in higher education. The comprehensive material has God the Creator as its foundation. Algebra I is a recommended prerequisite for this Chemistry course.

This is a one-year course with two full semesters, helping the student fulfill one credit of chemistry, which includes the lab. High school transcripts will list the course as Chemistry with Labs.

Optional Resources Include: Video Based Instruction


The author makes studying chemistry seem more practical by his references to chemicals in everyday life and powerfully reminds students that the order revealed comes from our Creator God.

E. Howard Callahan, Chemical Engineer (Co-op) from Georgia Institute of Technology, M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

A challenging course with all the helps and things you need to succeed!
Review by sara
Looking at this high school level course may seem totally scary, but there’s hope! Master Books makes teaching chemistry a breeze with multiple options to help you succeed! The course book is very appealing and full of color, each chapter is well laid out, from a biblical stand point and easy to teach or give to an independent student. It also goes through lab procedures with pictures when needed, which I appreciate.
The teacher’s guide, like all masterbooks courses, has everything you need: worksheets, lab reports, quizzes and exams. A supply list is included and answers in the back to use as you wish.
Now for the help! Master Books offers a supply kit purchase so you do not have to hunt everything down, as well as a Master Books academy video course! This goes over each lesson as well as labs, so you and your student will be a chemistry success in no time!
Great course!
Review by Dustie
Chemistry is one of those subjects that tends to intimidate people. This course is a pleasant surprise. I really like that this course has shorter lessons that allow this complex subject to be digested in bite-sized chunks.
The course is well-organized. Expect to spend an hour or so each day, five days per week on this course. It is definitely a high school level course, heavier than lower levels. Each week there are reading assignments, worksheets, a quiz, and a lab. Every 3 or 4 weeks there is a test to ensure the student is mastering the concepts. I like this design, since the concepts build on one another.
The teacher guide is consistent with other MasterBooks courses. It has the schedule, course objectives, worksheets, quizzes, exams, and answer key. I appreciate that there is a sample lab report for reference. A grade sheet is included, also.
I am so thankful that there is a Master Books Academy course to go along with it.
Overall, it is great to have a creation-based chemistry course that helps prepare the high school student for a college chemistry course and gives them a greater appreciation for the created world.
Had to Drop this class
Review by Victoria
My non-mathy son dropped chemistry early into the course. He also didn't find the academy videos very helpful in explaining what he didn't understand. It could be that I chose the wrong course for him and not a problem with the curriculum.
Excellent material
Review by Jill
We found the text to be a great resource. I like the structure and how easy it is to either follow or personalize the schedule. This has been a positive learning experience for my student. This book makes Chemistry accessible and easy to understand. One thing to note, the lab kit does not include all materials needed, be sure to carefully look over labs before starting the course to make additional purchases.
Everything You Need
Review by Sarah
Great course, took alot of review to understand but we got it! We ordered the chemistry kit along with the books, and it was the best unboxing yet! Lots of neat things that made us feel confident that "We got this!"
Easy to follow
Review by Courtney
We have used multiple science courses. Masterbooks is our favorite. It has an amazing syllabus, easy to grade, and low prep for parents. Chemistry was a lot of fun.
The best science class
Review by Courtney
We have used multiple science courses. Masterbooks is our favorite. It has an amazing syllabus, easy to grade, and low prep for parents.
Great Chemistry Course
Review by Addie
My daughter enjoyed this course. It wasn’t too overwhelming she could do each chapter by herself. Loved having the chemistry set so she could do labs easily. Would have loved videos to go along with each chapter but we were able to find videos online. I’m glad they have videos this year.
Review by Brittney
My daughter likes the short lessons and learns a lot, thank you!
Great Course
Review by Andria
After struggling through Biology (another curriculum) with a lot of tears and frustration, we decided to try Master Books for Chemistry and the difference was astonishing. My husband wasn't convinced this course would be in depth enough (he's our science teacher) and he was pleasantly surprised that the shorter lessons worked SO well for my ADD daughter... she was able to focus and retain so much more information with Master Books and there were no tears!

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