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Ages 9 and up

Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too! is more than just a book — it's a roadmap for families seeking to understand and engage with one of the defining challenges of our time. Full of brilliant illustrations, scientific, logical, and theological truths, this resource will empower concerned parents and curious children to navigate the complexities of climate change with biblical wisdom, compassion, and faith.

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Title Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too!
ISBN 13 9781683443582
Contributors Ken Ham, Jessica DeFord
Binding Hardback
Page Count 80
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 11 x 8 1/2

Introducing Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too! — a groundbreaking book designed to equip families with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex issue of climate change. Authored by renowned speaker and Founding CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, this full-color paperback reveals the intersection of science, Scripture, and logic to provide a comprehensive understanding of this issue from a biblical worldview.

Some people are claiming the earth will be destroyed in a few years if this supposed man-made climate change isn't stopped. But author, Ken Ham, forecasts that in another 10 years we will find these predictions haven't come true either for two reasons:

  1. God's Word makes it quite clear that man can never destroy the earth (Genesis 8:22).
  2. Real observational science (not the radical interpretations of some of the data) does not support the alarming claims of these activists.

Christians have no need to fear. In moments when climate change hysteria grips the media or academic spheres, it's crucial to approach with discernment. Beyond the predominant theories attributing climate change to human activity, we must also weigh in various factors such as natural cycles of the earth and the sun, which significantly influence climate patterns.

Discover the truth of science, climate change, and the true history of the world in this powerful exploration of climate change science and the importance of developing a strong biblical worldview.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Faulty Foundation
  • Observational Science
  • The Science of Climate Change
  • Do Climates Change?
  • What Does the Data Say?
  • Are We the Problem?
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • Just a Natural Cycle?
  • What About Extreme Weather Events?
  • Proxy Data
  • A Warmer Earth?
  • One or Many Ice Ages?
  • Can You Spot the Missing Data?
  • What About the Polar Bears?
  • Will You Be Washed Away?
  • Bleaching by the Beaches
  • We Must Ask "Why?"
  • Is Sustainable Energy Sustainable?
  • Cheap Energy Is Good for Everyone!
  • God's Word Is True!
  • More Importantly...The Biblical Worldview
  • Building the Right Foundation
  • Biblical Climate Ages
    • Perfect Climate Age
    • Groaning Climate Age
    • Flooding Climate Age
    • Icy Climate Age
    • Shifting Climate Age
    • Fiery Climate Age
    • Heavenly Climate Age
  • Stand Firm
Much needed resource
Review by Erica
So thankful for such a beautiful and biblically accurate book to help my children (and me) understand such a controversial topic according to His word!
Very interesting book
Review by Kathleen C
I always love how Ken Ham stands firm on a biblical worldview. Secular science wants to have us believe that man is in control of destroying the earth and that man is in control of saving it. The truth is God created the Earth. God is in control. Most secular science is based on a faulty foundation. This book shows you many claims made by secular science and what God and the Bible say about those claims. We should not live in fear, instead, we should have comfort in all that God's word says about the truths of the earth.
Cool book about a hot topic!
Review by JoyfulMommy
“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

This verse is a theme throughout this beautiful and fascinating resource that we really enjoyed reading aloud as a family (children ages 11 to infant). Our children aged 9-11 were most connected to the content in the book, though the younger ones picked up a lot.

The book shows how ultimately, God has promised to uphold the universe and the climate until the day it is consumed and replaced by a new heaven and earth. Man doesn’t have the ability to destroy the climate!

It also does a good job explaining what the concept of climate change is referring to, and even explains the dates that we began tracking surface temperatures on the earth. There have been several different climate ages which this book explains, as it also explains the big picture of God’s salvation plan through the Biblical climate ages:
Perfect Climate Age - at time of creation, before sin entered the world
Groaning Climate Age - sin multiplied in the earth
Flooding Climate Age - God judged the world for their wickedness
Icy Climate Age - Ice Age brought about by massive geological upheaval from the flood
Shifting Climate Age - our current climate age, still shifting from the effects of the flood
Fiery Climate Age - God’s ultimate judgment on the earth when it is burned up. Are you ready to stand before God?
Heavenly Climate Age - the new heaven and earth. If we are saved, we can look forward to this with great joy and anticipation!

My husband and I both were interested in just how much of the climate change scare is based on incomplete data. For instance, scientists believe in several ice ages over millions of years because of the layers they find in glaciers and ice sheets. But did you know that eight planes were forced into an emergency landing in Greenland during WWII and the abandoned planes were found less than fifty years later buried under more than 250 feet of ice (I read elsewhere that the most expected was 30 feet based on the evolutionary model)? Or that temperatures have only been recorded around the world since the mid-1800’s, and not completely wide-spread at that? Even so, the findings based on this limited data do not line up with the climate change concerns we hear about.

As I mentioned, we read this book aloud as a family and while I don’t expect that our young children understood all of it, I know they picked up on a lot. We were just learning about polar bears on the Master Books Academy zoology course and Mr. Young mentioned that people are concerned about climate change melting away the habitat of the polar bears. My four-year-old’s face brightened as he piped up, “Climate change! That’s what Daddy is reading about!” My husband has also read snippets of secular articles that bring up this issue, such as the amount of carbon emitted when a google search is run or a bitcoin transaction is processed. He was recently on a webinar where the speaker warned about carbon emissions and then began showing slides of devastating floods in Asia, with the clear implication being that carbon emissions are causing those floods. It’s been a great opportunity to direct conversation about how what we read in this book applies to relevant issues around us.

In summary, this book is a wonderful addition to your library with its beautiful pictures, interesting information, and Gospel presentation that ties it all together. I’m grateful for resources like this that help us and our children establish a biblical worldview so when we hear the evolutionary perspective, we can recognize that it is in opposition to truth, reality, and what God says in His Word - and know that there are indeed scientific answers that align with the truth of the Bible!
Great resource for families!
Review by Santina
Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too is a great resource for using God's word to learn about and discuss such an important (and controversial) topic. This book equips parents to explain and learn (in an age appropriate way) about climate change with their children from a biblical perspective. The "Building the Right Foundation" recap section at the end would be great for early elementary children while upper elementary/middle schoolers may enjoy all of the information this book has to offer. It contains stunning pictures and thoughtful heading questions to get children thinking about the topics they are about to read. Most importantly, it removes fear and replaces it with a biblical foundation.
So Timely
Review by Yulia
Climate Change for Kids...and Parents Too! is such a timely and wonderful resource for kids and adults alike regarding the climate change. Even though as Christians we can recognize that climate has indeed changed since the Earth was created and sin entered the world, it does not me that the Global Warming is coming. We as people cannot destroy this planet as the Bible says that God is in control of everything, and He has already decided and prophesied how the end of the world will come.

This book helps kids and even adults to return to the foundation of the God's Word and stop fearing the Global Warning, but instead to look into our sinful nature and recognize our need in the Savior. It teaches kids to take care of the Earth, but yet not get carried away by the lies and fears of this world. Great resource for sure!
Excellent Resource on this Hot Topic!
Review by Becky V.
Climate Change for Kids… and Parents Too! is such a great book and I am so excited to have added this to our home library for my kids. This is a controversial subject matter and this book is short and quick and filled with truth regarding this hot topic. And I love that it truly is written specific to kids! The text is in a simple language, easy to read, and the illustrations in the book are engaging and colorful!

The book begins by discussing what a secular worldview is and how the topic of climate change is pushed from this viewpoint. It then follows with answers to common questions that are associated with climate change backed by solid, factual, and biblical evidence. Over and over again, your child is pointed to scripture, to what God’s Word promises. The book closes with a recap of what climate change science is and then goes through, very specifically, what the Biblical Worldview of climate change is - from a Perfect Climate Age to a Heavenly Age, and all the ages in-between.

This would be a great supplement to any science course that includes weather-related topics, or it is an excellent stand-alone book to have on hand. I would recommend it for older kids, around middle-school aged and up due to the needed understanding of the subject matter of worldview.
Biblical backed truth
Review by Shannon
A truly refreshing book! We hear the talking points and the manipulated data in the media everyday. This book provides solid data (in a kid friendly logical way) and information to back up what we all see and experience. Yes, the climate is changing but within its natural God designed cycles (with natural checks and balances)! This book removes the focus off worshipping the earth, to our responsibility to steward it. A great read for all!
A wonderful way to explain such a controversial topic!
Review by Sara
I am very pleased with how this topic is explained for not only kiddos but for me in this book! I most certainly appreciate all the exciting colorful pictures and engaging side note questions/references that really help get you thinking about each section. I am using this with my two older kiddos who are old enough to understand this topic and have heard enough to want to dive more into this subject biblically. I plan to also use this with each of my kids as a science resource and requirement for middle school grades.

This book, in my opinion covers so many different aspects of climate change to refute the worldview that we have the ability to save ourselves and our future, without God. I am very thankful that this book now exists so that I can pull this out every time something of climate change comes up and I can read this to my kids to help them think critically and most important, biblically about such a world-accepted topic.
Biblical wisdom for a controversial topic
Review by Dustie
Topics like this can be so controversial. They’re often spoken of in such a way that the result is a great deal of fear. I really appreciate that the authors have taken the time to approach this topic (which has become such a mainstream thing) from a biblical perspective.
I love that they point kids back to the promises of scripture. What a gift to be reminded that God is in control! In addition, they expertly address how the normal and natural cycles of the earth produce changes in the climate and weather patterns over time. This book is colorful and engaging. The photos and graphics are very nice. I appreciate that I have a book that helps address this topic with my children.

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