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For Grade Level 11-12

The World Religions and Cults Curriculum Pack gives homeschool high school students the strong apologetics foundation they need to identify a false religion and powerfully refute their tenets. This eye-opening course focuses on the history and basic tenets of over 50 religions from around the world.

Use the convenient daily schedule to help your 11th-12th grade students successfully complete this one-year Bible elective. Lessons are scheduled five days a week and should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

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Title Comparative Religions (Curriculum Pack)
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This high school Bible curriculum for homeschool students is the perfect resource to prepare your them to stand strong in their faith when they face philosophies of other religions. This one-year elective course guides your student in the study of over 50 world religious views, always with a focus on the Word of God as the standard and with a heart of compassion to share the Gospel to all. Many adults have chosen to take this course as well. Course is equivalent to 1 credit.

This powerful Christian resource will equip your family to understand the errors within these religious views and point the followers to the only hope of salvation — Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself” (John 12:32).

The following resources are included in the World Religions and Cults Curriculum Pack and are required to complete the course.

World Religions and Cults Vol. 1 presents a clear and thorough analysis of "counterfeit" religions like Mormonism, Islam, Deism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Zoroastrianism, and many more.

World Religions and Cults Vol. 2 deals with many Eastern religions like Hinduism, Taoism, New Age, Sikhism, Confucianism, Shinto, and Buddhism, as well as other pagan-based systems like Witchcraft, Voodoo, Greek mythology and many more!

World Religions and Cults Vol. 3 focuses on the atheistic or humanistic type of religions. It would be one of the most valuable for the church in the Western World.

Comparative Religions Teacher Guide includes the suggested weekly schedule and has easy-to-manage lessons that guide the reading, worksheets, and all assessments. The answer key is also included.

World Religions and Cults Generalized Timeline is a 24”x 40” chart providing a church and denominational breakdown.

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Amazing Course with rich discussion!
Review by Jamie
I required my son to take this course during his senior year. I wanted him to have the knowledge of what other religions believe before he set out for college. This turned into his favorite course. My son and I read the books together and had great discussion that the rest of the family would jump in on too. We had some friends also purchase books and join us for weekly discussions on the different religions/cults. It was so good to listen to them really talk about each one and then compare the beliefs that we have as Christians and dig in to what God's Word says. It was an eye opener to how lost so many people are and they don't even realize it. I will be requiring my daughter to also take this class before graduation.
Looks so good
Review by Samantha
We’ve just started the course, and I’m already impressed with how well the books are written.
Amazing Set!
Review by Nereida
These books are amazing! We have all learned so much! The information is incredible and very easy to understand. After 14 years of homeschooling, this set is in my top 10 favorites! This resource is so needed especially before high school graduation as this will be all the different religions our kids will face at college or in the work place. It's nicely broken up into sections that really helps with understanding all the beliefs and differences while also providing a quick finding of a particular religion. I believe this curriculum will also help equip parents in making more discerning decisions on the books, media, and curriculum they bring into their homes as every belief system influences. There is a great chart of church denominations beginnings that my teens enjoyed reading and looking at.
Needed course for every Christian desiring to reach others for Christ!
Review by Rachel
This course is a must do in our home before completing high school. The content not only informs you about the belief and history behind religions and cults, it explains and helps you to understand how you can talk with the individuals involved and reach them for Christ!

The information learned is helpful for all ages. This is a course that adults should take as well. It would be great for a small group or Sunday school class series.
Great Resource
Review by Angela
This is a great life long resource. It covers the religions in a respectful manner and then allows the student to create a resource in their own words for themselves. I would highly recommend it.
Excellent Curriculum for Upper-Level High School Students
Review by Beth
My 17yo is over halfway through this curriculum during his 11th grade school year. We have had many great discussions about different religions already this year. The poster that comes with the book set is a helpful visual for him to reference as he reads through the 3 volumes. My son has deepened and solidified his faith in God as he studies the other religions because all of them are compared to what the Bible says about man, sin, eternal life, etc.
Wonderful resource
Review by Nicole
My oldest son recently surrendered to the ministry. He chose this course to be his elective for this year. He has enjoyed learning and understanding other religions and how they compare to Christianity. He also, has learned great tactics to help him engage in conversation with people of these other religions and point them to Christ.
Wonderful resource
Review by Nicole
My oldest son recently surrendered to the ministry. He chose this course to be his elective for this year. He has enjoyed learning and understanding other religions and how they compare to Christianity. He also, has learned great tactics to help him engage in conversation with people of these other religions and point them to Christ.
Review by Nicole
Wow! My daughter is in 12th and currently taking this class. The information is incredible and really provides a lot of interesting conversation between her and myself (yes, i read all the chapters too) This is a great resource for any Christian, adult or young adult, because they will encounter some of these false religions. One needs to know the truth so they are not deceived. Excellent material, possibly one of my fav by MB.
Great resource!
Review by Jen
These books are fantastic! I originally ordered them for my high schooler but I am actually going through the course myself. There is so much great information here and it truly makes things clear regarding differences in religion. This is a personal favorite!

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