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As a Christian teacher, one can no longer be part of a public education system that requires them to participate in teaching destructive ideologies and advancing immoral agendas on young children. John Stamper quit his job in the Chicago Public School System to reveal what is happening in public schools today and promote homeschooling as an alternative. Parents need to know what is going on in their child’s school and be prepared for any conflicts of values they may have to face.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Conflicted (Download)
Subtitle Pulling Back the Curtain on Public Education
Contributors John Stamper
Page Count 160
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

At what point can a Christian teacher no longer be part of a public education system that requires them to participate in teaching destructive ideologies and advancing immoral agendas on young children?

John Stamper reached that tipping point as a teacher in the Chicago Public School System and made the decision to quit his job and pull back the curtain on what’s happening in public schools today.

You’ve seen the stories on the news – our national education system has an agenda, being implemented under the guise of fairness, equality, and racial justice to children. However, this book will open your eyes to:

  • The indoctrination process through mandatory teacher training that implements these radical ideologies in schools without parental knowledge
  • The danger and division created by critical race theory and gender theory being promoted in public schools
  • How Marxist, socialist, and communist ideologies are dominating public schools, and how you move forward with homeschooling your children

For generations, teachers have been excellent role models, investing their time and energy into fundamental lessons. However, today a growing number think they, the school board, and their school system know more than parents about what should be taught to students. You need to know what is going on in your child’s school and be prepared for the conflict of values that you may have to face.

You have options.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Section One: Beginning at Home
    • 1. It's Time to Leave Public Schools
    • 2. My Personal Testimony
    • 3. The Gideons, Atheists, and Phil Donahue
  • Section Two: Results of Secular Education
    • 4. My Personal Experience in Mandatory Staff Trainings in Chicago Public Schools
    • 5. My Conflict as a Christian Teaching in a Public School
    • 6. The Bible's Role in Education
    • 7. School Boards and Teachers Unions
    • 8. Learning from Marxism and Communism in the 20th Century
    • 9. The Education System
  • Section Three: The Way Back Home
    • 10. Parents Matter
    • 11. The Benefits of Homeschooling


“John Stamper is an educational insider. As a public school teacher, John saw first-hand the harmful effects of Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory and Cultural Marxism being taught in the public school system. He became aware that even though he was a good teacher, doing his best to make a difference in that system, the change needed in American education was bigger than what he, as an individual teacher, could achieve. John's book, Conflicted, offers a strategy that could truly change American education in ways many have not even considered. If you are tired of accepting the status quo of things getting worse and worse in American schools, please read this paradigm-shifting book!”

— Israel Wayne, author and conference speaker, founder of Family Renewal.

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Author John Stamper Red Curtain Book Title Conflicted
New Book Exposes Destructive Ideologies Taught in Public Education

Conflicted: Pulling Back the Curtain on Public Education was written by former public school educator, John Stamper, to sound the alarm for public school teachers and parents of the public school students. Stamper exposes the destructive, godless ideologies that were being presented as unchallenged facts to the students in his school. Some of those include Marxism, socialism, and even communism.  

The future of our nation...
Review by JoyfulMommy
We hear that “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world,” and it is equally true that whoever controls the minds and hearts of a nation’s children directs the future of that nation. Author and former Chicago public school teacher John Stamper shows us a “peek behind the curtain” into the leadership and education philosophies he encountered through mandatory staff training: antibiblical theories and agendas that are shamelessly taught to children as young as kindergarten, without parental knowledge or consent. The similarities in the current educational movement and those through the history of socialist and communist governments are alarming.

I found this book eye-opening and helpful to understand the worldview being inculcated in our society. I have recommended it to Child Evangelism Fellowship workers for just that reason. If you know children in public schools, or if your own children are in public school, this book is an excellent resource to make you aware of things they are likely being taught so you can do your best to keep open lines of communication with them and help to correct their worldview from Scripture. If you are considering homeschooling, this book will definitely give you food for thought. And if you already homeschool, this book will encourage you that it is absolutely worth the time, effort, and prayer you are investing in doing so. I came away reminded of the importance to not just provide a solid education to our children, but to make sure everything they learn is rooted and grounded in the Word of God and points them back to Jesus - because truly the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge!
valuable insight
Review by Dustie
Coach Stamper did a fantastic job shedding light on a very real situation we are facing in our country today. The education of our youth has a profound impact on our society, and our education system has changed drastically over the past century. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Education is important, but the type of education is more important.” If we are not intentional about what our children are learning, someone else will be. Our public school systems are shamelessly promoting anti-biblical values to children.
The author has the unique viewpoint of someone who taught in the public school system, a previous homeschool student, and homeschool parent. His story presents the truth and a fresh perspective to the debate about public schooling versus homeschooling. Parents are given a peek into the world of public school behind the closed doors. He also takes the time to break down the different types of government and how they affect the educational system. This is very helpful in understanding the course our own educational system is on.
If you are concerned about the future of our nation, if you’re wondering what is really going on behind the scenes in public school, and if you are homeschooling or considering homeschooling, please take the time to read this book. Once you start it, it is hard to put down. It is a heartfelt and eye opening book that I recommend for all parents.

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