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Real responses to real people, designed to provide information that will make aggressive critics take a step back, consider the truth, and perhaps learn about God along the way!

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Confound the Critics

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Title Confound the Critics
Subtitle Answers for Attacks on Biblical Truth
ISBN 13 9780890518380
Contributors Bodie Hodge
Binding Paperback
Page Count 224
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 6 x 9

Ever been asked, “Can God create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it?” Your reply is a great opportunity to help someone receive a clearer understanding of who God is and perhaps even help lead him or her to Christ. Insights like this are what make this book so unique compared to other resources. These are real responses to real people, designed to provide information that will make aggressive critics take a step back, consider the truth, and perhaps learn about God along the way!

  • Can be enjoyed by anyone from skeptics to Christians to scholars
  • Replies to actual attacks from newspaper articles, blogs, debate boards, and other sources
  • As a Christ follower, you will learn how to respond to those critics we all have in our lives.

Whether you want to witness more effectively or give someone seeking truth a resource that will help, Confound the Critics is the perfect choice! And that big rock question? Make sure they are asking about the God of the Bible and then remind them God isn't bound to the laws — like gravity — of the universe He created!

A fantastic resource that will enable you to reply to an attack on Biblical truths
Review by
This book helps you to reply to others who are attacking creation or other aspects of the Bible, the character of God, or Christianity. The author shows you how to use the answers and how to use the theory when the time comes through practical examples of situations.
How to handle your response: Use the work of God and remember that each time you reply, it is an opportunity to share the truth.
Great resource to help defend you faith!
Review by
This was a very interesting book. It reminded me of the the answers series of books- I have the children's set and there is a teen set as well where there is a question and answer format. The questions are grouped into sections and are all very interesting, making it a good read. This is actually a nice format to be able to read about the questions others have and oppositions to biblical arguments, because it then provides us, the reader, the format to which we can respond. It also serves as a great resource to have handy in order to flip back through to refresh yourself on ways to tackle an argument. I like that each question is broken down into parts and answered that way- I think more can be won over with such a clear break down of a question, if only more of us could do this.
This book is a great resource for anyone wondering how to properly answer the world’s questions to christians. It would be a great read for high schoolers soon embarking into the world, or college students- I even think it would pair well with the MB logic course. It could be great to go over as a family, or add on to a high school morning basket to go over together. Solid resource for sure.
Practical Tool
Review by
Confound the Critics is a great resource for helping Christians to better refute accusations against scripture and stand up for their faith. It takes real letters and accusations and breaks them down line by line and shows and example response. It is such a practical tool for helping people get better at defending their faith.
Defend your faith!!
Review by
This book is a phenomenal resource for learning to defend the Christian faith, while standing on firm biblical truths. Including real life examples, Bodie Hodge does a remarkable job at teaching and equipping Christians how to spread the good news of the gospel, while approaching the critics, and gently pointing them back to God and His Word.
Backed up with scripture, this book is a must have on your home shelf!!
Nice Addition to Your Apologetics Toolbelt
Review by
Another great resource to help strengthen your faith & learn to more effectively disseminate the GOOD NEWS to others.
Must read for Christians
Review by
This book is an excellent resource for learning how to defend the Christian faith! The author refutes common misconceptions about Christianity and backs up his statements with scripture.
Helps you defend your faith
Review by
This is a good book to read for a lot of Christians today. It helps you learn how to defend your faith and stand up to the critics. This is something that we need more and more these days!
Just what I needed
Review by
Mr. Hodge is one of my favorite authors and speakers and this book doesn’t disappoint. He gives real life examples of correspondence he’s dealt with over the years and teaches readers an easy to follow approach to how to respond to critics. This time of work is sorely needed among Christians today who have never been taught how to defend their faith. Our faith is worth defending and this book helps equip the Christian to do just that.

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