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For ages 7 and up.

2023 Picture Book of the Year

Explore the timeline of a baby’s development from fertilization to birth with your family. In a kid-friendly way, Crafted by God offers the biblical teaching that every human life is made in the image of God and has extraordinary value. Full-color images, booklets, foldouts, and other interactive pages reveal the wonder of God as Creator and the scientific genius behind His creative process.

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Crafted by God

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 2.10
Title Crafted by God
Subtitle From Fertilization to Birth
ISBN 13 9781683442813
Contributors Dr. Georgia Purdom, Stacia McKeever
Binding Hardback
Page Count 22
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 12 x 10

Teach your children the truth about when life begins and how it progresses from fertilization to birth with the beautifully illustrated and interactive book, Crafted by God. Ages 7 and up will learn how the Bible and science can be trusted as they explore the stages of an unborn baby’s development.

This fascinating biblical resource reveals:

  • The miracle of life and when it begins
  • The value of every human life according to the Bible
  • Details of the different stages of development including scientific terms, which body parts are being formed at that stage, and the size of the unborn baby
  • Why abortion is not God’s way
  • The uniqueness of individuals and the value of people who demonstrate special needs
  • The need to defend unborn babies and the beauty of adoption

As you explore life inside the mother’s womb with your child, you will be helping them to love God and love their neighbor.

“Because we are all made in God’s image, God wants us to treat other image bearers (people made in God’s image) kindly. This includes what we say to others and our actions toward them. What we say about someone shows how we feel about their Creator (James 3:9–10).” Pg 15

Celebrate life together with your children in this beautiful and engaging book, featuring a development timeline, fascinating facts, biblical worldview teaching, and the gospel message. — Ken Ham, CEO Answers in Genesis

Crafted by God is the 2023 Picture Book of the Year Winner awarded by Good Book Mom.

Note: There is a mirror on the last page with a protective film over it. Remove film for a clearer image.


“This book was a joy for my kids (ages 7, 5 and 2) to read! We had incredible discussions about identity, God’s design and His love for humanity. The visual of the baby developing in the womb was their favorite part and we are so excited to use this as a continued resource for discipleship.”

— Phylicia Masonheimer, author, Bible teacher, and podcast host

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Celebrating Life: Crafted by God Named 2023 Picture Book of the Year!
Celebrating Life: Crafted by God Named 2023 Picture Book of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce that Crafted by God: From Fertilization to Birth has been awarded the prestigious title of 2023 Picture Book of the Year by Good Book Mom! This is such a win for pro-life, biblical teaching on the development of the unborn child. Celebrate with us the profound impact this book is making on the souls of many children and in the realm of children's literature.

Book cover Crafted by God 7 ways this book teaches pro-life values to chlidren
7 Ways Crafted by God Teaches Pro-Life Values to Children

Finally, there is a book to help you teach children to honor God's design for life, gender, and the unborn. In a kid-friendly way, Crafted by God offers the biblical teaching that every human life is made in the image of God and has extraordinary value. Within this uniquely interactive children’s book, you will find at least 7 pro-life values backed up by the Bible and science.

Beautiful book
Review by Rose
We really enjoyed this wonderful book that is interactive for the kids as there are things to pull out or down as we are reading. The pictures and the text very well done. It is a book we will come back to many times.
Review by Relaine
This book was an awesome resource for my kids as I went through my pregnancy. Beautiful pictures and wonderfully written. Must have for your bookshelf!
Stunning and Valuable Resource
Review by Rachel
This book is stunning!

It is a large hardback book with thick card stock pages. The content is detailed and well given. The book overall is engaging to all ages as it includes fold outs, flaps, and other interactive pieces. The fold out pages of the facts and weekly growth and development of a baby in the womb are extremely beautiful and interesting. You can't help but read every word.

The book covers very clearly how we are ALL wonderfully loved and crafted by God each with our own unique DNA and characteristics. The book discusses sensitive topics like pregnancy and infant loss, premature birth, adoption, and abortion with such care that it is appropriate for all ages.

This is a perfect book for any family who will be adding a new baby. It is ideal for discussion and explanation with children. It is informative for the new parents to be.

As a mom, ministry wife, and crisis pregnancy counselor, I believe this is a valuable resource that should be in every home, church, and pregnancy center.
Review by Crystal
This book is beautiful and has great information. My children reach for it often and ask to go through it. We love it so much that I will be getting another one for a friend who recently learned she is pregnant. What a wonderful resource it will be for her family to have so her children can see all the different stages their little brother or sister are in.
Beautiful book!
Review by Ashlee
We love this book!! It is so well done! It really affirms that God made each of us & knew us all by name from conception. Every one should have this book on their shelf! It talks about all of the stages of a baby forming without how mom & dad make the baby. There are absolutely beautiful pictures & I feel this book has given my children a good, strong foundation on a biblical view point of babies! There is a touch a hard subjects abortion & miscarriage but it's done in a way where you can talk more about those topics if you feel your children are ready for that or leave it at the paragraph written about each. I love that when speaking if abortion they say: just because someone has done this doesn't mean they're condemned, they can be forgiven if they repent! Because we have Jesus & he made it so all of our sins can be forgiven.
I truly LOVE this book! It's amazing at equipping our children with facts both Bible facts & science facts to be able to defend their faith on the issue of "when does life begin?"
Absolutely beautiful
Review by Michelle
We are expecting a new baby soon, and our two children (6 and 3) have asked so many questions and are so curious about the process. This book has been able to answer so many of their questions and in a beautiful way. Thank you for publishing such a great book for our family library.
A wonderful celebration of life and family
Review by Lynette
I LOVE this book! My children and I were all together in the living room the other night and I began to read out loud. At first only the 8 year old was interested, but slowly the others became curious as they listened to me read. By the end of the book all four kids ages 5-11 were listening in. The book was wonderful for answering the question my 5 year old had on ‘where do Babies live and grow inside mommy?’, to more advanced questions the older kids had. It’s a great book that celebrates how wonderfully unique and special each and every individual is on this planet. I loved the emphasis on special needs and foster/adopted children. We are all wonderfully made in His image.
A Wonderful Resource to teach the Value of Life
Review by Kristy
Crafted by God pleasantly surprised me when I opened the box! It is a large book filled with beautiful, colorful pages that fold out; detailed, intricate pictures; and engaging, interactive flaps. This book captures the Biblical truth that we are made in the image of God, and He values all life! Each life is precious to our Heavenly Father! What a treasure to teach to our children! The text teaches many lessons from Scripture combined with the physiology from fertilization to birth. A perfect book to gift to family and friends!
Beautiful and Fantastic Resource!!
Review by Amy
This book is a perfect representation of truth in how humanity was created in the image of God!! In a time where the world is teaching many falsehoods about life, gender, and sexuality, this book clearly presents God’s purposes for all of those things in a way that is appropriate, honest, meaningful, and practical. The pictures and descriptions are perfectly done and the value of life is clearly represented for all stages, ages, and circumstances! This would be an amazing resource for churches, ministries, and in the home!
Celebrating truth about God’s design for life
Review by Katelyn
This resource is visually captivating as the reader explores and learns all about God’s plan for human reproduction. It is gentle enough to share with young children and is thoroughly informative for adults. When children ask about where they came from, this colorful and inviting resource would be the perfect way to show them. I especially appreciate the informative portions on miscarriage, differences, and adoption. What a tender and truthful way to share with and explain to our children that we all have different experiences, but that God is still God, that He is good, and is the giver of life. I love that the Gospel message is shared, along with many other important Biblical truths. All families can benefit from this treasure!

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