Creation and the Second Coming (Download)

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Possibly the only book of its kind, captivating readers by linking our origins with our destiny. Blending biblical stories like Noah and Jesus teaching His disciples, Dr. Henry Morris weaves an intriguing resource for prophecy and creationism buffs.

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To understand the end, you must understand the beginning. God’s plan for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ began in the Book of Genesis with the events of Creation and the rebellious Fall of Man. God’s great plan of redemption and salvation through Christ is still underway and will culminate with His triumphant return, but before this event, the Bible tells of a clear set of signs that will mark the final days.

The political upheaval in the Middle East, the New-Age movement, and the call for a one-world government were all foretold in God’s Word. The Bible’s prophetic writers give key “signs” of the return of Christ, and in this classic work from renowned author and creation scientist Dr. Henry M. Morris, he reveals how each “sign” is an outgrowth of evolutionary humanism or pantheism.

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Title Creation and the Second Coming (Digital Download)
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