Creation and the Second Coming


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Possibly the only book of its kind, captivating readers by linking our origins with our destiny. Blending biblical stories like Noah and Jesus teaching His disciples, Dr. Henry Morris weaves an intriguing resource for prophecy and creationism buffs.

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Title Creation and the Second Coming
ISBN 13 9780890511633
Contributors Dr. Henry Morris
Binding Paperback
Page Count 194
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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To understand the end, you must understand the beginning. God’s plan for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ began in the Book of Genesis with the events of Creation and the rebellious Fall of Man. God’s great plan of redemption and salvation through Christ is still underway and will culminate with His triumphant return, but before this event, the Bible tells of a clear set of signs that will mark the final days.

The political upheaval in the Middle East, the New-Age movement, and the call for a one-world government were all foretold in God’s Word. The Bible’s prophetic writers give key “signs” of the return of Christ, and in this classic work from renowned author and creation scientist Dr. Henry M. Morris, he reveals how each “sign” is an outgrowth of evolutionary humanism or pantheism.

A Worthwhile read.
Review by Virginia
Creation and the Second Coming, by Henry Morris, is an interesting overview of some history in light of the prophesied second coming of Christ. As Morris states, "many signs being fulfilled today that tell us Christ is coming soon." I appreciated how Morris demonstrated the relation between creation and the second coming of Christ, though I do wish that more was written about creation specifically. All in all, a worthwhile read.
Great read
Review by Abbie
The End Times in light of Creation - one cannot be understood without the other. Morris does an excellent job of showing the truth of Scriptures and how the entire Bible story is interwoven and dependent upon the entirety of Scripture for understanding.

Light easy read.
Leaves you with a deeper understanding
Review by Becky V.
I’ve read quite a few books on End Times, but I was intrigued with this one due to the fact that the author addresses it in light of Creation. This was actually a light, easy read, considering the topic, due to the conversational manner in which Henry M. Morris wrote. He is able to explain his thoughts in a way that is easily understood.

The book is based on the truth that you can not understand End Times without understanding Creation. Morris does an excellent job at taking Scripture as it is and tying it from Creation all the way to the time this book was written, in 1991. He doesn’t shove ideas at you, but instead shares his research and educated thoughts on how things have occurred and how things will happen in the future.

This is a must read for anyone interested in having a deeper understanding of both Creation and the second coming. It has definitely left a lasting impression on me.
Great read connecting end times to creation and current events!
Review by Sara
This book was such an interesting read! I have read a few end times books that do not thoroughly connect the Bible and events as accurately as I think this one does. It certainly covered A LOT which I was very pleased with, and although it was written in 1991, I can still remember the events he talked about and could see the progression from what he saw to now- he talked about the regime of Saddam Hussein, the technology of that time, etc. I had a great deal of questions answered from this text and an amazing amount of bible verses to solidify his arguments. Best thing is he didn't just stay in Revelation, or the New Testament, he used prophecies from all over the Bible which is the correct way to interpret scripture when it comes to these last days- even in the creation account in Genesis. It is one thing to read about someone's thoughts to the end times, but I prefer a well-researched, scripture-filled analysis, which I think this is! I found myself stopping at least once in each chapter to tell my husband about something I read in the text. Definitely something to have on the bookshelf!
Great read
Review by Ashley
Creation and the Second Coming by Henry M. Morris

Great book on historical insight on creation. This book was written in 1991. Dr. Henry M. Morris tells you about his studies and does not demand that's how it is. He gives you his educated guess on the numerous prophecies that are being gratified.
Some of the topics Morris covers are evolution, slavery, Darwinism, apostasy, occultism, science, and technology. But he also talks about how these topics contribute to end of time events.
This book is inspiring to me to have been able to read it. It has scripture readings throughout and it is in a way that I can understand it.
I received this book for my honest option.

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