Creation Book Bundle for Early Readers

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Set your young learners up for academic success by reading great books to them. With this ten-book bundle, you will be enhancing their brain development and building a beautiful foundation for their faith in God as the Creator. Each book reveals a unique aspect of God’s creative power that will help your children value themselves and the world around them as His handiwork.

Bundle Contents

The Tiny Book:

1 x The Tiny Book

The Big Book:

1 x The Big Book

All God's Children:

1 x All God's Children

Westley The Big Truck:

1 x Westley, The Big Truck

Bombus Finds A Friend:

1 x Bombus Finds A Friend

Bombus the Bumblebee:

1 x Bombus the Bumblebee

Remarkable Rescue:

1 x Remarkable Rescue

My Creation Bible:

1 x My Creation Bible

When You See A Star:

1 x When You See A Star

When You See A Rainbow:

1 x When You See A Rainbow

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A Look Inside

The Big Book (1.88 MB)
The Tiny Book (1.05 MB)

The Big Book
Nurture your child's wonder with this imaginative rhyming story book. With delightful full-color illustrations, The Big Book teaches children to see God as the Creator of the big things they see in the world. Best of all, it offers a strong emphasis on how big God's love is for your child.

The Tiny Book
Little things make big differences! This whimsical children’s book uses rhyme to emphasize that tiny things are special to God. The exquisite full-color illustrations help tell the story that God is Creator and He is especially interested in the tiniest details including tiny people.

Bombus the Bumblebee
A whimsical book designed to help children see God as Creator while highlighting the importance of embracing our God-given roles in His Creation. Bombus is a bumblebee who meets up with several honeybees who criticize him and make him doubt himself. As Bombus realizes why God made him a bumblebee and not a honey bee, your little learners will realize they can be unique and have an important purpose.

Bombus Finds a Friend
In this sequel to Bombus the Bumblebee, young readers learn character building truths about friendship. When Bombus needs a friend, he can’t seem to find one. However, when he chooses to help a stranger, he gains a new friend. The illustrations and engaging storyline provide an excellent life lesson that will encourage both children and adults.

When You See A Rainbow
With beautiful illustrations and an engaging rhyme, this little book explains the true history of the rainbow as a symbol of God’s promise to Noah and the world after the Great Flood. When You See a Rainbow also teaches children the colors of the rainbow. Parents love that the salvation plan is included in the back of the book.

When You See A Star
With this engaging book of rhyme, your little learners will exploring God’s amazing creation of the night sky. The full color board book also teaches your little ones about the star the wise men followed to find Jesus in the manger. Parents love sharing the prayer at the end.

Remarkable Rescue
Noah was a man of faith who stood up for God in a time when so many people were rebelling against Him. And now, through this visually stirring preschool board book, children can see that God will stand with them no matter what they face. God loves His creation so much that He went to great lengths to rescue them. Let children discover that the account of Noah was real, and not the fairy tale so many are trying to convince kids to laugh at.

All God's Children
Children are full of questions and, thankfully, the Bible is full of answers. One question that sometimes puzzles even adults, though, is “Why are there different races of people?” Ken Ham’s unique, interactive Christian board book, All God’s Children, explains the answer to this question in a rhyming text that every age can understand.

Westley, The Big Truck
Westley is a big truck who is worried. When he breaks down, the insults from the other cars and trucks make him wonder if he is just a big pile of junk or could he be more special than that? This fun book will fascinate children as they learn how the Creator has especially designed them for a purpose.

My Creation Bible
This truly special “first Bible” for toddlers teaches children about the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jesus in an age-appropriate manner, with colorful, vibrant illustrations that children will adore. Author Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum, has written delightful rhyming text that comprehensively tells the wonderful story of the Bible. Little learners will treasure The Creation Bible and love carrying it by its sturdy, plastic handle.

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