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Faith without a strong foundation crumbles in the face of today’s relentless cultural rejections. Christians, young and old, will find the strong foundation they need in the biblical bedrock of Genesis. In Creation to Babel, Ken Ham provides parents a powerful combination of apologetics and doctrine to ensure the next generation understands Gods’ greatness and authority.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Creation to Babel (MP3 Audiobook Download)
Subtitle A Commentary for Families
Contributors Ken Ham
Duration (in Minutes) 470
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

In a society mired in godlessness and humanism, parents are given the high calling of raising children who will know the Truth, live the Truth, and take the Truth into the next generations. In Creation to Babel, today's Christian family will find a unique commentary on Genesis 1 - 11 to ensure the biblical foundation is established in their children’s hearts.

Perfect for family devotions and Bible studies, Creation to Babel:

  • Offers parents a powerful combination of apologetics and doctrine.
  • Instills biblical answers to contemporary issues such as gender, gay "marriage," abortion, racism, and others.
  • Provides answers to the most-asked questions people have about these passages with applications to personal living.
  • Helps families put themselves under the authority of the Word, and not over it.

Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, partners with parents to hammer home the importance of understanding God’s infinite greatness compared to our human finite understanding.

“We must let God’s Word speak to us, and not impose our beliefs on God’s Word.” - Ken Ham

Excellent Resource
Review by Dawn
Creation to Babel
This audiobook is a great resource. It has in-depth discussion of Genesis chapters 1-11. The days of creation are each broken up in their own section and then the chapters following that have their own section. These sections range in length from ten minutes to just over an hour depending on how much commentary is needed to discuss that particular day or chapter.
These would be great for adults that want to learn more or for families (probably best suited for middle grades students and above though younger students could still learn from it). It can be listened to as a complete book or broken into each chapter for a devotional-style learning.
Creation to Babel
Review by Laurie
We choose the book Creation to Bable as part of our morning basket reading. And when the audiobook came out I thought it would be perfect to play in the background while my kids did art or crafts. It just was not a great fit for my kids. They found it less entertaining and were not able to keep their attention for long. The reader does a good job and is easy to understand for adults. I think he may be too monotone for children.
A Great Start for your Journey Through Scripture
Review by Kathleen C
I have the printed version of this book, but I really enjoyed the audio book. The author speaks very clearly. It is very easy to follow along. I like to listen as I am cleaning or exercising. I have already listened to it more than once. I am especially grateful to have someone else pronounce all of the names in the lineage.
This book is a detailed look at the first 11 chapters of Genesis. It has a devotional feel to it. Allowing you time to ponder each topic. It is written in a conversational style but it is very straightforward and readable. I most appreciate how it sticks to a literal interpretation of Genesis. I highly recommend this book.
Useful Resource!
Review by Krista
I love having the option of listening to this as an audiobook. It is so convenient when you don’t have the time to sit and read a book.
Creation to Babel focuses on Genesis: which is the firm foundation that the Bible is built upon.
Ken Ham is a phenomenal speaker, and author, and this book does not disappoint.
Providing answers to numerous questions, discussing apologetics, quoting scripture, and pointing everything back to Christ, is what you will find in this book.
This book is a useful resource and I recommend it!
Great for Auditory Learners
Review by Lexie
I was so glad to see this book on audiobook. Our family drives 2 hours per week just to go to music lessons, so this is the perfect addition to that trip. This audiobook is easy to listen to and is offered in both MP3 and M4B format.
The book, in our family, is listened to by our entire family (1-37 years), but I would say that upper elementary and beyond are the ones who will fully grasp the content. We like to involve all of our children in our studies, so having a little one listen along works for us. There is so much scripture given throughout this audiobook which is very nice because often when listening or reading content on Biblical studies, the author will just throw out a verse or two every once and a while, but this book refers to scripture on a constant basis.
The author stresses the importance of trusting all of scripture, esp. from 'creation to Babel' as we have to fully believe God's word to be true form beginning to end without flaw. This audiobook would also be helpful to a new Christian who grew up believing millions and millions of year as far as our world's history goes. I highly recommend this audiobook to families!
perfect on the go for busy parents/families
Review by Sara
I was so excited that this resource was made available. Genesis chapters 1-11 are the foundations of defending our faith so this book is such a valuable resource. I especially love that I can use this audiobook on the go. I can brush up on my studies during karate practice or just review genesis truths before bed. I cannot wait to incorporate this into our homeschool during trips and teach my children the importance of using good commentaries and strengthen them in apologetics.
A great resource for on the go!
Review by Becky V.
I just can’t say enough about this unique commentary by Ken Ham that guides your family through Genesis 1-11, the foundation of God’s Word. It takes you chapter-by chapter, verse-by-verse through these 11 chapters, leaving you with a deeper understanding of the passages covered. It also addresses questions that might arise from these verses and details the connection with the remainder of the Bible. It is a great resource to help teach the basics of what a Bible study is. It has also helped give my children the desire to dig deeper into God’s Word on their own!

Creation to Babel in audiobook format is a great option for any family! I love that they have made this in a format where you can take it with you wherever you go. The narrator is easy to listen to and reads at a good pace. You receive both the M4B and MP3 formats when purchased. I prefer the MP3 format as it is separated by chapters versus one long file as with the M4B format. We are big audiobook listeners when we are in the car, so both my children and I have enjoyed this format!

I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow in the Word, both individually and together as a family, and on the go!
Excellent Apologetic Commentary of Genesis 1-11
Review by JoyfulMommy
This is an excellent tool to gain a deeper understanding of Genesis 1-11, the foundational chapters of Scripture. Ken Ham quotes the Scripture (ESV) and then expounds it, exploring Hebrew words and scientific concepts, and (classic Ken Ham style) providing answers to numerous questions that come up in apologetics such as where Cain got his wife, how many animal kinds there were, how many years it took to build the ark, explanations of and proofs for a global flood, and dispersion of nations through language confusion at the Tower of Babel. Though familiar with much of his other teaching, I still was fascinated by some topics I had not really considered before. And I love how he points out the types and shadows even in these early chapters that point to Christ such as the promise of a Savior spoken within the curse after the Fall, the killing of an animal to cover sin, and the door of the ark as the only way of salvation from God’s judgment on wickedness.

The narrator is easy to understand and engaging. I have the print copy of this, but it seems I often have more time to listen than read, so I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook while driving, cleaning, cooking, etc. Having the printed book available is a wonderful addition though, since then I could go back to look up some of the points that especially stood out to me in the audio (not to mention the beautiful illustrations and handy charts in the printed book!). The table of nations appendix is, understandably, rather hard to follow on audio, but it still gives you an overview - and if you have the printed book you can always go look it up!

In summary, I highly recommend this book as a useful tool to “build yourself up in the faith,” as we are instructed in Jude 20.
Creation to Babel
Review by Dustie
I have enjoyed the physical book, and this audiobook is a nice addition to our family library. This is great for busy families. It is also a good option for those who are auditory learners. Personally, I like audiobooks for when I am running errands or doing housework. it gives me an opportunity to listen to books that I don't always have time to sit down and read.
The book itself is fantastic. I really appreciate the fact that scripture is the foundation for everything discussed and that the reader (listener) is encouraged to go and seek out answers in God's Word, rather than just take the author's word for it. It is amazing to see the solid foundation given to us in the first 11 chapters of Genesis.
I am currently listening to this on my own, but it is one I plan to share with my middle schooler and high schooler. It truly helps answer some of the biggest questions we have as human beings or that we will be asked by non- believers. Ken Ham presents this in a way that is easy to understand, and it has kept my attention, rather than being cumbersome and polluted, like some other commentaries.
Great option for busy times
Review by Yulia
I already have a digital copy of "Creation to Babel". I'm happy to add this audiobook option: it works well for busy seasons when reading a book is simply a luxury, for those who prefer to listen to the audiobook or even for the road trips.

"Creation to Babel" is a great commentary to Genesis which is truly a foundation to the whole Bible. Since if we ignore the story written in Genesis, we completely miss the whole understanding for why Jesus Christ came to earth and why we need a savior. It connects the whole Bible together and brings the understanding even to the book of Revelation to why we need God to create a New Earth and New Heaven for us.

There are 2 versions of this audiobook available: MP3 and M4B.

MP3 is separated by chapters and can be played on most devices, whereas, M4B is mainly for iTunes and some other audiobook players and is playing as a one long audiobook when used on an iPhone. I prefer MP3 for the ease of use.

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