Cultural Issues Vol. 2: Creation/Evolution and the Bible (Curriculum Pack)

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Prepare your high school students to fight the good fight of faith. Using a strong biblical foundation, this course equips your 9th – 12th grade students with knowledge and logical thinking to successfully refute the false teachings of man and evangelize those who are lost. Your student’s faith will grow while studying subjects such as eugenics, abortion, Noah’s Flood, genetics, cosmology, bacteria and more. Lessons are scheduled 5 days a week and should take approximately 30-45 minutes. This one-year course is considered one apologetics credit.

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New Answers Book 3:

1 x The New Answers Book 3

New Answers Book 4:

1 x The New Answers Book 4

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A Look Inside

The Cultural Issues Volume 2 curriculum provides answers to many common objections to biblical worldviews and scriptural authority of the Bible. Practical reviews are included to strengthen the student’s grasp of key concepts and terms, while providing critical thinking opportunities to put their knowledge to work. Students will learn to apply the biblical worldview to subjects such as evolution, climate change, Noah’s Ark and the Flood, and dozens more. They will discover answers to help know the depths of God’s wisdom found in His Word and in His world, and why this matters to in their lives, their family, and their faith.

Students will:

  • Investigate some of the most popular cultural questions about science and Bible
  • Explore how to think logically and apply biblical knowledge correctly
  • Identify insights to the arguments brought against the faith and the solutions from the Bible and observational science
  • Learn answers, information, and strategies when facing destructive influences found in the workplace or school environments
  • Study cloning, abortion, GMOs, aliens, and more in these two volumes focused on points of contention related to the Bible, faith, and science

Cultural Issues Volume 2 is a stand-alone course and can be used as a follow up to Cultural Issues Volume 1. Adults and church groups will also find this study helpful as they face the challenges or parenting and discipling others.

New Answers Book 3:
Addresses tough topics thoughtfully discussed (global warming, cloning, stem cells, and more) teaching you to "be more effective in defense of scriptural authority and truth of Genesis as literal history."

New Answers Book 4:
Offers solid answers to refute evolutionary rhetoric. Broken down into 33 chapters, you can just look up the topics that interest you or subjects for which you want answers. Pictures, charts, diagrams, and graphs help illustrate the topics being discussed.

Teacher Guide:
Provides a calendar for lesson planning with clear objectives, and the worksheets and tests are based on both knowledge accumulation and practical application.

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