Cultural Issues Vol. 2: Creation/Evolution and the Bible (Teacher Guide)


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The Cultural Issues Volume 2 Teacher Guide is a vital resource offering a suggested weekly schedule and easy-to-manage lessons that guide the reading, worksheets, and all assessments in Cultural Issues Volume 2 Creation & the Bible Curriculum Pack. The pages are perforated, and three-hole punched so the materials are easy to tear out, hand out, and store. Teachers are encouraged to adjust the schedule and materials if needed to best work within their unique educational program.

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Title Cultural Issues Vol. 2: Creation/Evolution and the Bible (Teacher Guide)
ISBN 13 9781683442288
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Page Count 245
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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In Cultural Issues Volume 2, high school students will learn how to be more effective in defense of scriptural authority and the truth of Genesis as literal history. They will acquire insights to the arguments brought against the faith and solutions from the Bible and observational science.

The Cultural Issues Volume 2 Teacher Guide includes:

  • Answer keys for worksheets and tests
  • Worksheets for each chapter
  • Tests to help reinforce learning and provide assessment opportunities. These tests are based on both knowledge accumulation and practical application.

This course is designed for grades 9 to 12. The schedule offers a one-year course in which the student ears a 1-year apologetics credit.

Questions to make you think
Review by
This is a great combination for the books and helps make a well rounded curriculum.
A great resource to strengthen your students critical thinking especially in regards to their Christian Faith.
Review by
The teacher's guide provides a 36-week lesson plan for The New Answers Books 3 & 4. There is a worksheet for each chapter. This is not merely a here is the question what is the answer workbook. It is very much asking the reader what their opinion is on each topic. The questions lead to great conversations to further help the reader to develop their faith.
Beautiful course to prepare Highschoolers for College
Review by
This is a great course to prepare students for college, so they are able to defend their faith and solidify what they believe in. The worksheets and tests are short answers style which helps the students to really think about their answers and pay attention to what they are reading.

There is enough space between questions to add the answers, and I like this style over the one with lines.

The material is rich and includes biblically based science. Wonderful source for the teenagers to be prepared to face the real world and being able to defend their faith.
Answers questions that build faith
Review by
This course will help you to become a deeper thinker. The two books that go along with the course answer questions that many adults have pondered. Such as: What are some of the best flood evidence and the origin of the solar system and planets. Not to mention many other deep questions. This course had a nice amount of reading each day, which was not a stressful amount for my son. The reading was very clear and got the point in. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course for High School to adult.
I received this free digital course in exchange for my honest option.
Great Extension to the Answers 3&4 Books!
Review by
This course is designed for grades 9-12 to be completed in one year, working 5 days a week with 30-45 minute lessons. Although this curriculum is designed to be used independently by high school students, I can see it being easily adapted for use with middle school students as part of a gather-round approach.

The Teachers Guide comes with a suggested schedule for completing the course. It alternates between reading from the Answers text and answering questions found in the Teacher Guide. The majority of the Teachers Guide is worksheets for each section in the text. All questions are short-answer, and the Teacher Guide includes possible answers for each question. The questions are helpful and thought-provoking, not a simple regurgitation of information from the text. Occasionally, there will be prompts to do further research on a topic as well.

Overall, I really appreciate the no-nonsense way this curriculum is laid out. Whether used independently or as a gather-round approach, this can help us all better understand and be prepared to defend our faith. (1 Peter 3:15).

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