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If someone were to ask us for the best books to help them DEFEND their faith and ANSWER the tough questions, these are the four we would recommend:

Confound the Critics - Provides real responses to actual attacks from email, articles, blogs and social media, designed to provide information that will make aggressive critics take a step back, consider the truth, and perhaps learn about God along the way.

The Defender's Guide to Life's Toughest Questions - Using real world objections by actual atheist, Evangelist Ray Comfort answers some of the toughest questions people will face in defending their faith and offers sound biblical responses.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation - There is an argument for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument – an "ultimate proof of the Christian worldview for biblical creation. Master the method outlined in this book and you will be able to defend Christianity against all opposition.

Meet the Skeptic - Get equipped to engage culture with this field guide to faith conversations with four different kind of skeptics; Spiritual skepticism, Moral skepticism, Scientific skepticism, and Biblical skepticism.

What’s Included

1 x The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions
1 x Confound the Critics
1 x Meet The Skeptic
1 x The Ultimate Proof of Creation

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Confound the Critics

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Meet The Skeptic

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The Defenders Guide for Lifes Toughest Questions

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Confound the Critics - Ever been asked, “Can God create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it?” Your reply is a great opportunity to help someone receive a clearer understanding of who God is and perhaps even help lead him or her to Christ. Insights like this are what make this book so unique compared to other resources. These are real responses to real people, designed to provide information that will make aggressive critics take a step back, consider the truth, and perhaps learn about God along the way!

  • Can be enjoyed by anyone from skeptics to Christians to scholars
  • Replies to actual attacks from newspaper articles, blogs, debate boards, and other sources
  • As a Christ follower, you will learn how to respond to those critics we all have in our lives.

Whether you want to witness more effectively or give someone seeking truth a resource that will help, Confound the Critics is the perfect choice! And that big rock question? Make sure they are asking about the God of the Bible and then remind them God isn't bound to the laws — like gravity — of the universe He created!

The Defender's Guide to Life's Toughest Questions - It's tough to be a believer in today's world- especially if you are a student in an academic system intent on destroying your faith. Bestselling author and television co-host, Ray Comfort, has collected some of the toughest questions people will face in defending their faith and offers sound biblical responses. Each issue is one that has been raised by genuine atheists. Don't be without these powerful facts when you face a world trying to twist and confuse biblical truth.

The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions discusses topics such as:

  1. Humanity: Rights and Suffering
  2. The Bible: Biblical and Theological Issues
  3. Science: Scientific Thought and Evolution
  4. Philosophy: Beliefs and Worldviews
  5. Religion: God and Atheism

When an atheist wants an answer, will you have one?

  • Any Christians out there want to take on why the Bible has such a low opinion of women?
  • What is wrong with using 'filthy language'? Biblically or otherwise?
  • Do you really believe the Holocaust was God's punishment of the Jews?

Ray Comfort tackles these questions and many more in The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions. Learn how to approach these types of questions with confidence, biblical truth, and loving kindness!

The Ultimate Proof of Creation - Have you ever had trouble defending the Bible to Atheists or Skeptics? Have you wished that your Biblical education was stronger so you could refute the untruths that Evolutionists claim to be fact? This book is a complete guide to defending the Christian Faith. It emphasizes the defense of the Bible’s account of Creation in the book of Genesis and is built on techniques that have been developed over many years, and through many presentations. These methods are not difficult to apply when one learns how to do it properly.

Let Dr. Jason Lisle show you how to apply the ultimate proof in dialogues with evolutionists, how to spot logical fallacies and how to refute them with Biblical truths.

It is time to get to the real heart of the issue and rationally resolve the Origins debate. It is time to discover The Ultimate Proof of Creation.

Meet the Skeptic - Christian faith almost always meets skepticism.  Are you equipped to effectively handle the skeptic’s questions and debates?

Meet the Skeptic is a new approach to equipping believers to engage the non-believing culture. Author Bill Foster takes the multitude of objections and reduces them to four basic categories.  Understanding these categories will enable you to effectively share your hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ and clarify the skeptic’s root objection. Foster offers pop culture references and biblical support so that you can:

  • Recognize the Red-Flag Words that prop up objections
  • Ask probing questions and acquire an ear for opportunities
  • Develop an understanding of the skeptics ideas and better fulfill the Great Commission.

This easy to read approach to apologetics and evangelism is a field guide to faith conversations. It is written for teens, college students, and adults and can be used as a group study with the leader’s guide and workbook. 

Great books!
Review by David
This basket would make a great addition to any minister's library.
Great resource for parents
Review by Natalie
I’ve always had trouble defending my faith and explaining to others why I believe what I do. These books give specific, scientific answers, that defend a biblical worldview and my belief in God.

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