Defending The American Family (Download)

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This volume will prove to be one of the most important documents of our time. Within these pages, author Martin Mawyer develops a plan of action to preserve and protect the most vital cell of American society - the family. He calls for an armed truce in the culture war and sketches the definitive blueprint on the rights of parents and their children in modern America.

Mawyer skillfully reveals government's intrusive entry into the sacred relationship between parents and their children, making Defending The American Family a must read for every parent. His thesis is supported by evidence that will enlighten and shock readers unfamiliar with government's "standard operating procedure. " If this agenda is adopted, it will not only prevent Congress from contributing further to the moral decay of the nation, but more importantly, it will result in a new birth of freedom and a renewal of virtue in American society.

Martin Mawyer is the president and founder of the Christian Action Network, a non-profit lobbying organization dedicated to the protection of the American family.