Developing A Heart for God (MP3 Audiobook Download)

Developing A Heart for God (MP3 Audiobook Download)


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Developing a Heart for God is a beautiful devotional experience designed to renew your passion for the Creator and Redeemer as your first love. Rich commentary, gorgeous photography, and pastoral prayer guides fill this Bible study of Psalm 119. Immerse yourself in these anointed truths that point to the power of God’s Word to restore, heal, and refresh your soul.

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SKU KD768-7
Manufacturer New Leaf Press
Title Developing A Heart for God (MP3 Audiobook Download)
Subtitle A Devotional Commentary on Psalm 119
ISBN 13 9780892217687
Contributors Ron Auch
Duration (in Minutes) 391
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Nurture the joy of your salvation with this beautiful, devotional commentary on Psalm 119. Developing a Heart for God will shepherd your soul to a newfound reliance on the living Bible.

Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem using the Hebrew alphabet as a guide. With a passion for prayer, the author, Ron Auch, leads you in praying the words the Psalmist used to express devotion to God and his dependency on Him. Stunning full-color nature photos fill this remarkable and powerful study which offers:

  • Deeply personal and relevant insight into the message of Psalm 119
  • A uniquely beautiful presentation of the Scripture
  • Profound devotional commentary for you and your family

Enrich your quiet time with this remarkable Bible study or share the experience with your family, friends, and church groups. Developing a Heart for God can also be shared as a life-giving gift.

Love this MP3 version!
Review by Crystal
I have thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook version of this wonderful devotional. I have the written copy, but the MP3 version makes it so easy to listen to while doing dishes or laundry. The author breaks down Psalm 119 verse by verse, offering part commentary and part devotion with a focus on prayer and meditation on scripture. I look forward to listening to the devotion, which helps the scripture really sink in and encourages meditating on the words and meaning.
Beautiful Devotional
Review by Kathleen C
This audio book is a devotional for Psalm 119 where David expresses his innermost feelings about God. Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem using the Hebrew alphabet as a guide. There are 22 sections that are eighth verses each. This devotional teaches us to use internal prayers. It causes us to go inward and look at the intimacy of our relationship with God. I like the pace at which the author read through this book. I found him engaging to listen to.
I recommend this audio book to use a a daily devotional or as a month long prayer guide.
Great devotional
Review by Yulia
This is a wonderful devotional that really makes you check your heart and ponder about the holiness of God. I enjoyed listening to it and it was so handy to have it as an audiobook for my busy schedule and have this time meditating on God’s Word while driving. I have only a slight concern about the actual person who read the devotional: I didn’t always enjoy his tone of voice (it felt a bit stressed to me), but it’s a personal preference and not a deal breaker.
love listening to a book
Review by Ashley
Listening while following a long is a great option to a book.
This is a devotional book. This is a book that encourages and comforts the reader. It breaks down Psalm 119 into verses. I sometimes read the Bible and get confused about what it is trying to tell me, but after reading this book I have a better understanding of what it says. It opened my heart even more to the Lord. This is a great book to share with your family and even an addition to a Bible Curriculum for homeschoolers. I know I will be introducing this in my class this coming year.
Review by Dustie
This is a detailed study on the 119th Psalm. This psalm is an intimate prayer by King David. It is broken down into pieces and can be studied verse by verse or section by section, whichever you choose. The author has provided instructions for both.
It is a deeply personal study, intent on helping the reader develop a heart that reflects God. From the first few verses of this passage, I’m reminded that we are to serve the LORD, to be a blessing to others, and to be wholly devoted to God. Some of the passages may be difficult, but only because we have areas that God is refining in our hearts and lives. This book really helps us look at various areas of our lives to ensure that each area is totally surrendered to God. This is a book that I recommend going through slowly, as there is valuable information in each section that should be allowed to sink in. This chapter of scripture is so wonderfully full of treasures.
As always, God’s Word should be our foundation, and books like this a tool to take a deeper look.

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