Dinosaurs of Eden (Revised & Expanded)


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Take a journey to the very beginning of time when dinosaurs roamed Eden!

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Dinosaurs of Eden
Subtitle Did Adam and Noah Live with Dinosaurs?
ISBN 13 9780890519028
Contributors Bill Looney, Ken Ham
Binding Hardback
Page Count 64
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Did you know that we have a written record of the history of the universe, past, present, and future, from One who sees and knows everything? The infinite Creator of the universe made sure that all the most important events of history were recorded in a special series of books that together make up one book, the Bible. Using the Bible, we can actually read about the past (enabling us to correctly understand what we observe in the present in this world), and the future!

  • Learn how “the history book of the universe,” the Bible, enables us to understand all about dinosaurs.
  • Discover when they lived, what they ate, why we find their bones, what happened to them, and much more!
  • See the vivid detail in these beautiful, full-color illustrations by artist Bill Looney!

Fully revised and updated, this beloved classic will take you on a breathtaking trip across time to the biblical foundation of dinosaurs. This captivating adventure by Ken Ham explores the Garden of Eden, the exciting days of Noah’s Flood, and the Tower of Babel. You’ll learn the true history of the earth, and discover the very meaning and purpose of life!

Dinosaurs of Eden
Review by Christina
I have a dinosaur loving daughter who absolutely loves this book. My toddler is becoming interested in dinosaurs as well, and he also loves it when I read this book to him.
Dinosaurs of Eden
Review by Carolyn
Ken Ham always provides an excellent resource! This is no exception! Wonderful illustrations. Interesting facts and perspective. A definite must buy!!
Went everywhere with my son.
Review by Lillie
My son had a wonderful and full time and absolutely enjoyed it. This book went everywhere with him.
Review by Rachael
I can not say enough about this book. We are using it as a morning read aloud (1st and pre-K) and they are soaking up so much truth and are so engaged in every page. I have shared this book with so many of my friends (those who homeschool and lots who do not)! I highly highly recommend this truth filled book if you child is interested in the history of dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs of Eden
Review by Wendy
Thanks to Master Books we are new FANS of Ken Ham. He inspires me to teach my kids they can do anything as a Christian!!! I love how they teach truth and creation, hand in hand! Awesome!
Great Book
Review by SARA
I am learning right with ky kids and they are learning how Dinos were connected to creation.
Great resource
Review by Angela
My son has just completed this for his study and he has loved it. I appreciate having a biblical worldview and he was able to understand what was being taught.
Nice book!
Review by Reese
It is great to have books that teach about dinosaurs correctly according to Genesis. No millions of years nonsense.
Nicely done Book!
Review by Tracy
Illustrated very nice, great creation dinosaur book, so good it's not based off evolution like many are. My kids really enjoyed this book. My 3 year old carries it around the house.
Review by Tiffany
This is a beautiful book and I am excited to read through it with my kids!
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