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Kids love dinosaurs, but dinosaurs can often be used to try to prove the Bible cannot be true. However, children can be taught how to respond to challenges to their Christian faith by learning the source of truth of all things — the Bible.

Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show uses its engaging story to show children that the existence of dinosaurs proves the Bible right all along.

For a little girl who adores dinosaurs, a Saturday morning program that challenges the Bible's story of Creation becomes an opportunity for her to prove sometimes even the smallest voices can proclaim and defend the truth of God's Holy Word!

  • Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show is both a colorful Christian apologetics tool and delightful dinosaur story for young readers.
  • It uses bright illustrations and rhymes to appeal to children.
  • Children will learn how to defend their faith and how dinosaurs are not a contradiction to the Bible’s teachings about creation.
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