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Kids love dinosaurs, but dinosaurs can often be used to try to prove the Bible cannot be true. However, children can be taught how to respond to challenges to their Christian faith by learning the source of truth of all things — the Bible.

Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show uses its engaging story to show children that the existence of dinosaurs proves the Bible right all along.

For a little girl who adores dinosaurs, a Saturday morning program that challenges the Bible's story of Creation becomes an opportunity for her to prove sometimes even the smallest voices can proclaim and defend the truth of God's Holy Word!

  • Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show is both a colorful Christian apologetics tool and delightful dinosaur story for young readers.
  • It uses bright illustrations and rhymes to appeal to children.
  • Children will learn how to defend their faith and how dinosaurs are not a contradiction to the Bible’s teachings about creation.

A Look Inside

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 0.90
Title Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show
ISBN 13 9780890515464
Contributors Amie Zordel
Binding Hardback
Page Count 24
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 x 10 x 1/2

Roll out the red carpet! Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show are about to arrive!

A little girl who adores dinosaurs and a Saturday morning program that challenges the Bible's story of Creation becomes an opportunity for her to prove sometimes even the smallest voices can proclaim and defend the truth of God's Holy Word!

Follow along in this brightly-illustrated story as one little girl defends her faith by going to this important source of historical and scientific truth as she shows that Dinosaurs: Stars of the show actually proves the Bible was right all along! A colorful apologetics tool and a delightful story for youngsters!

Good concept but a little disappointing.
Review by MRC
Overall this was a cute book. I am quick to trust MB books so I don’t usually pre-read them before reading them to my kids. But This one was disappointing. It started ok but then it talks about evolution and millions of years. It ends ok too, but I didn’t like how my 3 1/2 yr old was introduced to the word evolution through this book. I know MB is pro-creation and that’s the point of the book. Parents should just be forewarned as a picture storybook, this one talks about evolution and millions of years. The sample online should include these pages (because it doesn’t) so parents can know it’s mentioned in there. I know MB discusses evolution in many of their books but I didn’t expect the debate to be in a young child’s picture book. It’s a good book for an elementary student who has already been exposed to evolution but I was very sad that this book introduced it to my kid for the first time.
Review by Fiona
My daughter loves this book and I love that it explains the truth!!!
Sweet & solid!
Review by Christa
I love how this shows the little girl considering what she’s just heard about dinosaurs, recognizing it doesn’t line up with what she believes and then going directly to Gods Word “to explore.” Such a great example for littles. Bought this book with my son in mind, enjoyed and we’ve had it for a while..now excited to read with my daughter. Also bought an extra for my nephew.
So cute!!
Review by Ryley
Bought this for my daughter who loves dinosaurs. She loves this book! It's super cute! We love that it talks about God and the truth of dinosaurs and has a girl with dinosaurs which are both hard to find.
Review by Kelly
Bought this adorable book for my dinosaur loving daughter. She loves it and so do I!
So cute!
Review by Kate
Adorable book about dinosaurs!
Dinosaurs Stars of the Show
Review by Amanda
Just purchased this and so excited! Our girls have already looked through it!
Review by Erin
Cute book for kids with a great lesson about always looking for the truth in God's word.
Review by ❤️
My kids love all things dinosaurs so even my 10 year old loves listening to this one:)
great childrens book
Review by Jo
This book is a great way to teach children to always check to make sure that things are biblical. It is a beautiful book with a fun story line.

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