Elementary Bible & English Grammar (Teacher Guide - Download)

Elementary Bible & English Grammar (Teacher Guide - Download)


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Downloadable Teacher Guide for use with our Elementary Bible & English Grammar (Curriculum Pack).

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Title Elementary Bible & English Grammar (Teacher Guide - Download)
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Grammar Made Exciting!

Elementary Bible & English Grammar is an engaging grammar course that utilizes Illustrated Family Bible Stories (sold separately) to guide students through a fascinating journey of Biblical history while expanding their vocabulary, teaching grammar concepts, and developing their writing skills along with their faith!

In Elementary Bible & English Grammar (Download) students will:

  • Study English and the Bible together, inspiring their minds as well as their hearts
  • Explore the Bible through beautiful illustrations, historical context, maps, and diagrams
  • Become familiar with words and their definitions, expanding their vocabulary
  • Memorize Scripture
  • Develop their writing skills through practical application and engaging assignments
  • Study nouns, prepositions, contractions, prefixes, suffixes, root words, synonyms, types of writing, and so much more!

Elementary Bible & English Grammar Teacher Guide (Download) Features:

  • Suggested Daily Schedule‚ÄĒsaving you time!
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Answer Key

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 5x per week
  • Recommended Grade Level: 4th - 6th
  • 2 for 1
    Review by WE
    I am thrilled to find a bible study that incorporates grammar instruction! We are excited to begin this.
    Wonderful combination of grammar and Bible
    Review by Petra
    We love the idea of combining grammar with the Bible. If we need to teach grammar, why not use the Bible as a source text? This teacher guide has everything laid out perfectly, so you always know what to do. I wanted an overview of elementary grammar, in order to have all the basics covered, before moving to a higher level. This curriculum is the perfect solution for us.
    Review by Ashley
    This teachers guide makes teaching easier, but the questions are really good. I like the writing portion because my student is a reluctant writer.
    Great combo.
    Review by Standardpoodlelove
    I like that this curriculum combines bible work with grammar. It really showcases practical application of grammar and gives students a deeper understanding of the Bible.
    Love this!
    Review by Danielle
    We love that this is basically a Bible study, while incorporating LA! Thank you MB!
    Good Grammar Practice with Extra Bible Study Included
    Review by Teisha
    When my kids needed some extra reinforcement in their grammar skills, I picked up this e-book because I already owned the accompanying Family Illustrated Bible.

    There's a schedule included, making it easy to figure out what to do when, and there's space for recording grades.

    I prefer the digital version so that I can easily print as many worksheet copies as I need. I plan to go through this curriculum with my youngest when he's older because it worked so well with my older kids!
    in Depth
    Review by Jennifer
    This teachers guide takes children in depth to deeper Comprehension of the Bible and its grammar. Memorization of verses, vocabulary, comprehension and activities. This is a good tool to start moving children from the milk to the meat.
    Review by Marie
    This will help alot thank you.

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