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Archaeology is like looking through a window into the past. By uncovering the remains of buildings and household bits and pieces of previous civilizations we learn who the people were and when and how they lived.

In Evidence for the Bible these once darkened windows are dusted and made clear, helping us discover archaeological finds that confirm or illustrate the biblical account. The authors’ purpose was to provide a reliable summary of the up-to-date positions in laymen’s terms, with added reference books suggested for deeper study into the various subjects addressed.

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Title Evidence for the Bible
ISBN 13 9781683441113
Contributors Brian Edwards, Clive Anderson
Binding Hardback
Page Count 256
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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A burned and broken wall embedded with arrows and sling stones tells of a city taken by storm. A scribbled message on a piece of pottery reveals the urgency of the hour. Palace inscriptions and clay tablets in a royal archive reflect a well-organized central government. Inscribed silverware, jewelry, and household items illustrate the domestic life of the inhabitants.

Archaeology throws dramatic light on the biblical record.

The evidence will surprise and inform you as you turn over the soil of history from the pages of your Bible. The witness of the trowel authenticates and illuminates the people and events, lifting them from the pages of the Book and setting them in the context of time and place. Join us on an exciting journey with this evidence from the past.

daughter enjoyed
Review by Lindsey
My daughter wanted to learn more about the Bible accuracy and so this was a great fit for her to learn more about the Evidence for the Bible, she said it helped her learn about why the Bible is accurate and not just another world religion. It was helpful in strengthening her faith.
Must Have!
Review by Jessie
My teens and I have learned so much using this book. The other reviewers are spot on. This is such a wonderful addition to our Bible studies.
Good Information
Review by SARA
Good Information about the Bible. Very interesting!
Great reference book
Review by Melinda
While this is a great reference book for homeschooling, my husband has used it in his ministry to show how the archeological evidence backs up the Bible. I have put the few other books like this on my wishlist since they are so valuable!
Filled with pictures!
Review by Leslie
Growing up I thought history was boring. Now as I am teaching it to my kids I can't learn enough. Using this book to freshen up my knowledge and using all the pictures to show my kids for great visuals as we learn about different topics in world history.
Review by Kat
I read somewhere that this is a great companion book to World's Story 1. It's been on my wishlist for a while and is fantastic! This is our 2nd year homeschooling with Master Books. I tell every HSing parent I meet about how wonderful the books are. My children are learning, improving, and growing in their Faith.
Fabulous Reference
Review by marci
Purchased this book to read aloud in our morning basket time since we are using World's Story 3. This is a beautiful and informative book. Would be great on it own but just added to our history lessons wonderfully.
Review by Michele
This book has beautiful pictures and so much information.
Beautiful Book
Review by Brooke
I recently lent this book to a Iranian Refugee and he grabbed the book and couldn't put it down. He said it was beautiful and he thought it should have cost $100. He was surprised at such a nice book for the price. Well done MB. I am excited to hear what he says when he returns it. My kids and I have yet to read it.
Review by H
This book came with our high school morning basket. It is a beautiful book with amazing quality photos and information, which complements many MB courses. A must have in your home library.

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