Master Books 100% Faith Grower Guarantee

Faith Grower GuaranteeFor 40 years, the mission of Master Books, an imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group has been, “Ink on Paper to Impact Eternity”. Our desire is to publish books and resources that will grow an individual’s faith in their Creator and His Word in a way that will have a lasting and eternal impact. We know that when we place a Master Books book into someone’s hands, their faith in God and His Word is going to grow. It’s been proven, time and time again. In fact, we are so certain of it that we are offering a 100% Faith Grower Guarantee, or your money back.

Be Blessed,
Tim Dudley President & CEO
New Leaf Publishing Group


Testimonies of Faith

 I still remember the day, over 15 years ago when we walked out to our van after church and there in the front seat was a brown paper bag full of VHS video tapes of Ken Ham and Gary Parker. That afternoon, our faith grew signifigantly as we watched the series of videos and listened to the evidence of a young earth, the Creator’s handiwork, a catastrophic flood, and the effects of the fall, our need for a Redeemer. In fact, it grew more in that one afternoon than it had in 25 years of being in church every Sunday and graduating from a Christian school. We were so excited, we began showing it to our friends and family and their faith grew too. It’s such a joy to see someone’s faith in God come alive for the very first time. The message of authors published by Master Books like Henry Morris, Ken Ham and Gary Parker have blessed our whole family and greatly strengthened our faith. Thank you, Master Books. – Randy & Kristen P.