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Our official 2024 Morning Basket is here! Add this biblical worldview collection of books to your morning or evening routine to help your family know and trust the Word of God. With the easy-to-follow schedule provided, you will have all you need for your own dedicated time of devotion and for knitting your children’s hearts to the heart of God.

What’s Included

1 x A is for Adam Coloring Book
1 x D is for Dinosaur Coloring Book
1 x N is for Noah Coloring Book
1 x Moses and the Bronze Serpent
1 x Abraham and Isaac
1 x David and Goliath
1 x Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism
1 x God's Story
1 x Instincts by Design
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Faith Grower Morning Basket
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 7.58

Our official 2024 Morning Basket is here! Add this biblical worldview collection of books to your morning or evening routine to help your family know and trust the Word of God. With the easy-to-follow schedule provided, you will have all you need for your own dedicated time of devotion and for knitting your children’s hearts to the heart of God.

This Master Books morning basket includes:

A is for Adam Coloring Book

Take your children on a coloring adventure through biblical history with Master Books' A is for Adam Coloring Book. This engaging resource, based on the beloved book series by Ken Ham, seamlessly blends the alphabet with foundational biblical truths, making learning the gospel narrative fun and accessible for children.

D is for Dinosaur Coloring Book

Color a book about Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood! A proven resource that makes learning the Bible fun! Based on the classic book series by Ken Ham!

N is for Noah Coloring Book

Color a book about trusting God and His promises! A proven resource that makes learning the Bible fun! Based on the classic book series by Ken Ham!

Moses and the Bronze Serpent

In Numbers chapter 21 of the Bible, the story of Moses and the Bronze Serpent takes place during the Israelites' journey through the wilderness. This story illustrates both the consequences of the Israelites' disobedience and God's mercy and provision.

Abraham and Isaac

In Genesis chapter 22 of the Bible, the story of Abraham and Isaac unfolds. The story of Abraham and Isaac serves as a profound demonstration of faith and trust in God's plan. It reveals Abraham's willingness to offer his most precious possession and God's provision of an alternate sacrifice. This narrative highlights the importance of obedience and illustrates God's faithfulness in fulfilling His promises.

David and Goliath

In 1 Samuel chapter 17 of the Bible, the iconic story of David and Goliath unfolds. This extraordinary event showcases the power of faith, courage, and trust in God. Despite being smaller and less experienced than his adversary, David's unwavering belief in God's assistance enables him to triumph over Goliath. The story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that with God's help, we can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism

Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism is a non-denominational guide to the core tenets of Christianity. This modern Bible study resource is uniquely designed to guide individuals, families, and small groups into a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. The question-and-answer format provides a structured way to explore biblical truths in a way that safeguards you and your family from adopting unbiblical teachings and cultural ideas.

God's Story

God’s Story is a beautifully illustrated Bible study resource for the entire family. From Genesis to Revelation, the big concepts of the Bible are made easy to understand in a way that adults and children will enjoy.

Instincts by Design

Instincts by Design takes you on a fascinating exploration of the biblical and scientific wonder behind the instincts within humans and animals. Within these full-color pages, you will find the most logical, rational explanation of these complex instincts is that God created everything.

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Faith Grower Morning Basket: Deepening Faith and Family Bonds
Faith Grower Morning Basket: Deepening Faith and Family Bonds

If you're a homeschooling family seeking to strengthen your faith while nurturing a love for learning in your children, you're in for a treat. Our Faith Grower Morning Basket is designed to infuse your daily routine with biblical truths, engaging activities, and meaningful discussions that will deepen your family's understanding of God's Word. Let's dive into why this morning basket is a must-have for your homeschool journey.

A foundational delight for all ages
Review by Laura
This morning basket contains some of my favorite books.
Foundational Truths is filled with questions that every Christian should understand the answer to. Each question is answered in a very short, conclusive response.
Instincts by Design is a fun way to learn about fascinating science facts. From the nitty gritty details of why our bodies function the way they do to the whys of the animal world, this book is jam packed with information about how intricately designed God’s creations are. Every question is answered in a short and easy way to understand.
God’s Story is a beautiful book full of paraphrased Bible stories. Each story has a short summary for young listeners. Throughout the book it has pages called “Thread of Hope” that ties the stories together revealing the ultimate theme of redemption.
The three books from the A True Story About Jesus collection are great for young readers. Each book reflects upon how we can learn something about Jesus from the story. We absolutely love this series of books.
The three coloring books are perfect to keep little hands busy. Not only do they have fun illustrations to color, they also have fun rhymes about each picture.
Whether you follow the provided schedule or just read through each book at your own pace you are sure to love these books!
For the Whole Family
Review by Laurie
We have been doing Morning Baskets since we started our homeschooling journey. It is a fantastic way to bond together and set the tone for school to start. I look forward to Master Book morning baskets and reading directly from the Bible. The book Foundational Truths a Modern Catechism perfectly blends the two. It's set up in a way that asks a question a day, such as: What does it mean to be born again? and Who made God? Then, it follows up with an answer that includes scripture, followed by an action. This points us to how we can use this information in our lives. Then, definitions and ends with meaningful Prayer.
This book, along with Instincts and God's Story, offers deeper learning and thought. The coloring books and books from the A True Story About Jesus Series are geared toward younger children from PreK to early elementary age. This morning basket is an excellent option for families with a wide age range.
Faith Grower Morning Basket
Review by Santina
There is something for the whole family in this morning basket. Each week you will be learning foundational truths, reading Bible stories which can be adjusted to the age appropriateness of your child, and learning about instincts through engaging text and pictures.

I have a middle schooler, fourth grader, and first grader. They can all benefit from reading Foundational Truths, Instincts by Design, and God's Story. What sets this morning basket apart for me is that it also contains the easy readers. My older children enjoy helping to read aloud during morning basket time and my independent first grader can often feel like she wants to do the same. Having a book that is on topic and at her reading level has made her feel that she is contributing to our morning time together. The coloring books are a fabulous way to keep preschoolers (or any child who enjoys coloring) engaged and busy while listening in. Each book in this morning basket points to our creator and has stunning detail. If you are looking to disciple to your children and give them the big picture of the Bible (especially those of us who were not raised in Christian homes ourselves and discipling to our children can feel intimidating) the Faith Grower Morning Basket sets you up for success.
The perfect morning basket for all ages!
Review by Sara
This is a great collection of books to share with your family! Morning baskets are a great way to have a moment with your family to learn about our Creator, build your children’s worldview and bond before they begin their day. Masterbooks does a great job at making things really easy and open and go and have provided a schedule for your family to follow each day. The 3 readers are great stories to keep kids of all ages engaged, and point your children to Jesus, and the coloring books will give your children activities with great rhymes and line up lessons for great discussions. You will work through 3 other books, which are absolutely beautiful, and in my opinion essential for the christian family. God Story is a collection of old and new testament stories that are unlike any other book I have ever read. Instincts by Design is such a fun and engaging book that goes over the many wonderful and amazing ways God sustains all living things that you may never have even thought about, and finally Foundational Truths is a catechism book to work through as a whole family. This book is vital in helping your child (and even you!)understand their creator and develop their faith and ability to defend it. I highly recommend this set!
Great for children of all ages
Review by Kathleen C
This is a biblical worldview collection of books. It includes an easy-to-follow 180-day schedule. Included in the schedule are suggestions for Bible memorization. Most days have two books scheduled. Each week starts with a question from the Foundational Truths book. This book uses the fundamental teaching of God's word through a question-and-answer format. Each week includes question, answer, scripture references, and a prayer. Another book in this set is God's Story. It is 120 Bible stories. It includes a summary of each story for younger children. The gorgeous illustrations help you to feel the emotion of the story. Instincts is another book in this set. Through this book, you will learn the reason an instinct occurs. Beautiful photos and just the right amount of information keep children engaged in the topic. Examples from this book are The complexity of the human eye, birds and why they have the instinct to migrate, and how we instinctively know what to fear to keep us safe. The three readers in this set are true Bible stories for young children. The pictures are done so well that even a non-reader can learn the story. There are also three coloring books in this set. They can be used to keep children engaged in the topic while you are reading, having a discussion or just for fun. I recommend using the morning basket set to start your family's day soaking in God's word. It is great for children of all ages to use together.
Beneficial for All Ages!
Review by Caitlin
What a perfect combination of books for a variety of levels. We have used a small devotional in the past with the focus on prayer and being a good person, but have added in the Faith Grower Basket as a way to deepen not only their relationship with God, but also expand their knowledge of what the Bible contains and says about Biblical history as well as information about God.
My kids are mostly younger elementary aged, and this basket has material that can reach all of them as well as provide information that will be useful and presentable for years to come. Working with youth, I could easily use this material with my middle and high school kids. I love that the schedule lays out a balance for the week.
We love starting off with Foundational Truths, answering a deep question backed by scriptural evidence as well as a prayer for the week. We like to display the prayer where we can repeat and refer to it as the week goes on. Foundational Truths sets us up for deeper conversation which I can have with each child at their own understanding level. The vibrant pages are eye catching and keep their attention.
God’s Story has beautiful illustrations to portray the story as well as keep littles attention. It highlights major stories in the Bible while offering a summary that can be used with my younger kids. While it does retell the story, scripture is also highlighted so we could refer to the word and helps differentiate it from just a “story book”.
Instincts by Design was particularly interesting to my science minded kids. There is so much relatable content that they were able to not only connect it to schoolwork, but also to their everyday life. There’s information about human nurturing and with a younger sibling, they were very excited to learn more about her as a baby.
The coloring and story books were a great way to keep the attention of my youngest learners. We as a family have all benefitted from implementing the faith grower basket into our daily routine.
Perfect for the whole family!
Review by JoyfulMommy
Grounding ourselves and our children in the truth of God’s Word has never been more important than it is today. These resources are tools for discipleship that will build your faith, equip you with answers, and provide an anchor in the Truth to stand strong against the anti-biblical philosophies of our society. Not only is there something here for every age and reading level; every age and reading level will learn from and enjoy everything here!

Early readers can enjoy practicing their reading skills or co-reading the story books while learning that true history in the Old Testament all points forward to Jesus. Or just enjoy them as family read alouds! The coloring books teach apologetics themselves through the alphabet rhymes, and are great for keeping busy little ones occupied while hearing a parent read about the amazing instincts our all-wise Creator has built into creation - instincts that scientists still cannot explain!

The included God’s Story book gives a wonderful overview of the whole story of Scripture, clearly showing the battle between man’s way and God’s way - or man’s ongoing struggle to submit to God’s authority and the victory God has promised and won over sin! It has beautiful illustrations (as with all Bible story illustrations, they give opportunity to talk about what we *think* these scenes might have looked like, and how these are one artist’s rendering of it), and the text summaries give an option for younger readers to read a portion, or for a parent to read through the stories quicker for short attention spans. The “Thread of Hope” pages are rich with keen observations drawing out the themes of the stories, showing how they point to Jesus. I think my very favorite part of the book is the timeline of Israel and Judah’s kings along with the prophets and “fast facts” about each prophet’s name and message. The maps are great and I really appreciate the chart contrasting Genesis and Revelation (such as “Ground is cursed, Genesis 3:17” and “Curse is done away with, Revelation 22:3”). This book will be a blessing to all ages in your family.

Foundational Truths is another book I just have to say a little more about! It is a catechism, but so much more! It contains 52 foundational truths that are arranged in a systematic question and answer format, color coded to supportive KJV Scripture verses which are printed on the opposite page. The foundational truth is then briefly expounded with definitions, a check box for memory tracking, an application, and a prayer. Learning these truths will create a theological framework - in essence, a skeleton on which all the joints, ligaments, and flesh of Bible reading, other teaching, and sermons will cling to and be organized upon.

In all of these books, you will learn much about God through His Word and His creation. But as is clear throughout, the goal of knowing ABOUT God is to be TRANSFORMED BY Him - to be more and more conformed to the image of His Son. May God bless your family as you pursue Him!

“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.” (2 Corinthians 3:18)
Fantastic combination of books!
Review by Dustie
What a fun combination of books! These can be done in combination with one another, added to courses, or just enjoyed as a family.
The coloring books have fun little rhymes with very valuable biblical lessons. My children have enjoyed them. The Bible story books have quickly become favorites in our home. The message is so beautiful and is scripturally accurate.
Foundational truths is the type of book that can easily spark faith-building conversations. It can be used family style or for individual students, and it is appropriate for a variety of ages. In my opinion, it is great as a foundational course for new believers or for those seeking out the truth.
God’s Story is a great addition to our home library. I absolutely love the illustrations. Instead of being cartoons or fairy tale like, they are realistic and detailed. I think this makes a big difference in helping our children understand that the Word of God is not a compilation of fictional stories, but truth. I love the way the author included simple summaries for younger children. This makes the book usable for a variety of ages. The book itself is rooted in scripture. The scripture reference for each story is listed at the end of each lesson. This is a beautiful retelling that helps children to understand God’s Word, from creation all the way to Revelation The message of God’s love and His plan for our salvation is clearly laid out for the reader
Instincts is so helpful in answering some of the difficult questions children (and adults) have. Human instincts, as well as various animal instincts are covered in this book. The author makes clear how the evolutionary worldview is lacking when it comes to an explanation for instincts, and that many evolutionists consider instincts a mystery. The presence of instinctive behaviors is proof of a loving Creator.
Looking at these intricate designs leaves me in awe of how many things have to work together for our bodies to function properly, and so many of these things are happening right now without a thought about them. This book provides detailed yet easy to understand information about instincts. Best of all, it gives God the glory for His creation.
I think this would be a great started pack for a home library! It would make a beautiful gift for Christmas or Easter.

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