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There are people in the world today who believe the world is flat. And they are working very hard to convince everyone else that it’s flat – even if it means distorting the truth to do it.

In this book, you will learn how to refute flat earth claims and conspiracy theories with sound historical, scientific, and biblical arguments.

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Falling Flat (1.74 MB)
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Title Falling Flat
Subtitle A Scientific Refutation of Flat Earth Claims
ISBN 13 9781683442066
Contributors Danny Faulkner
Binding Paperback
Page Count 385
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 6 x 9

Flat earth fallacies are just one more way to muddy the waters in the creation and evolution debate, as well as trying to discredit the Bible as being inaccurate and Christianity as an empty hoax. Now, be prepared when faced with these untruths and misleading agendas and get the facts regarding the flat earth fallacy.

  • Powerful answers to refute misleading and false flat earth claims
  • Important, thoroughly researched, historical and scientific evidences disproving a flat earth
  • Vital context of biblical truths and effective apologetics for Christians

Enjoy a fascinating look at discoveries, science, and the Church throughout history as it faces down and disproves over and over again flat earth fallacies.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Why Write About Flat Earth?
  • 2. The Bedford Level Experiment and the Chicago Skyline
  • 3. Eclipses and the Flat Earth
  • 4. Aspects of the Sky and Flat Earth
  • 5. Astronomy and Flat Earth
  • 6. Physics and the Flat Earth
  • 7. Geocentrism and Flat Earth
  • 8. NASA and Flat Earth
  • 9. Miscellaneous Claims About Flat Earth
  • 10. Does the Bible Teach Flat Earth?
  • 11. How Did a Domed, Flat-Earth Cosmology Get Imported into the Bible?
  • 12. The Book of Enoch and Flat Earth
  • 13. Conclusion
  • Index
Interesting read for Christians to combat flat earth
Review by Yolonda
I was so glad to find this book from a trusted source like Master Books. I didn’t even realize people believed the earth was flat until I met a homeschool dad who told my husband and I he could prove Biblically the earth was flat. This book is an excellent resource to understand and refute false teachings.
Flat Earth - Theology, Theories, and the Bible.
Review by Christina
A well written book to help inform and discuss Flat Earth theology. A great read for those who enjoy delving into the conspiracy theories and want sound Biblical arguments regarding the facts surround the Flat Earth Theology.
Interesting, Lots of info
Review by Karen
I was excited to read up on this topic. There has been so much talk about the flat earth theory. I have even heard some people (mostly non Christians) lumping young earth creationists into a group along with flat earth believers. I wanted to explore the history and science on this topic and this book was just what I needed. It does feel like a textbook in parts but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I wanted more info than just a light article online. It would make a great addition to a high school science course. Even with all of the scientific info, it is interesting and well written.
Great Read!
Review by Meg
This book is packed with amazing information. If you have someone approach you with a flat earth theory, this book will help you refute it while sharing a Christian worldview. I simply loved it!
The author is very knowledgeable, and writes so concisely. It almost has a textbook feel, which would make a great astronomy supplement as well.
Who Knew?
Review by Megan
I would highly recommend Falling Flat to anyone who has encountered the flat earth philosophy or anyone who has an interest in astronomy and science history. Before reading this book, I had no idea that anyone even truly believed the earth is flat, but now I am much better educated about the growing flat-earth movement, and how to refute those who hold to the flat-earth philosophy.
Falling Flat is not exactly an easy read. Some of the chapters contain detailed (and sometimes a bit difficult) math and science terms, but I feel that the detailed nature of the book is necessary to provide the best refutation of a false scientific theory. I appreciate the multi-angled approach the author takes in discussing the problems with the flat-earth theory. He addresses a variety of scientific fields and also addresses what the Bible says about the Earth and its shape.
This book is an excellent reference tool for any family to have, especially as the flat-earth movement seems to be gaining traction among Christians. Although you will have to apply your minds diligently while reading Falling Flat, the information contained in the book is thorough and good.
A scientific and biblical argument for the flat earth theory
Review by Love2BeMom
Dr Danny Faulkner is most concerned about the “Christian version” of the flat-earth movement and he wrote this book to provide answers for people who may not know how to respond when confronted. People rarely have the knowledge readily at hand to refute the case for a flat earth and people end up searching for help on the internet only to find lots of websites and videos promoting the flat earth and very little, if any, refuting it. This book is also for people who are honestly exploring the question whether the earth is flat.

Dr Danny is responding to the biblical arguments put forth for flat earth. He examines biblical passages that supposedly teach that the earth is flat, and he clearly shows that they do not. He also explains where this false teaching comes from.

We all need a good argument for the earth being a globe. Although you might think the earth being flat is nonsense, will you be able answer any of the arguments you have or will encounter? He shows how good knowledge of astronomy, physics and maths are to understand this subject. He did a lot of research and experiments himself, proofing flat-earth videos lying and misrepresenting reality. He addresses a lot of important historical context first before discussing topics relative to the Bible.

This is not an easy, quick read. But it is well worth it! I highly recommend this book.
Far more scientific than I expected and that’s a good thing!
Review by Candice
What a timely topic! It reads as a scientific text in many ways with a lot of charts, diagrams, and mathematical equations. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It gives the science and math for a spherical earth and refutes the theories for flat earth. I don’t feel that a non-science and math person would not still get quite a bit of benefit from reading it. They would!
Jam packed with info
Review by Lacee
Fantastic book on what “flat earthers” believe, and the information you need to biblically and scientifically refute their beliefs. The book is jam packed with info but the author made it extremely easy to get to the info you need/want without reading cover to cover - though I still highly suggest doing so! It is perplexing that this is even a discussion today but I’m thankful for this resource!
Great Read!
Review by Kristi
Faulkner is an engaging author and I have enjoyed everything I have read by him. This is no exception. (I highly recommend his astronomy-related books!) There is a lot of information, but it is presented in a relatable way, so that the reader can grasp the arguments and resolution. Faulkner's style is so humble, it keeps the reader going and equips for conversation. It is never a mistake to gain understanding so that we can represent God's work in creation well.
A Must Read!
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
Everything you need to know about Flat Earth theory and how to share a Biblical worldview.

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