What are rewards points? How do I redeem them?

Anytime you are logged into MasterBooks.com and you place an order, we will give you reward points totaling 5% of your order (not including taxes and shipping). For example, if your product total comes to $100, you earn 500 points, or $5.00 towards your next order.

If you refer a friend to MasterBooks.com using your unique link (once logged into your account page, click on “My Reward Points” on the upper left hand menu, then choose the “My Referrals” tab.), you earn reward points totaling 10% of their first order and 2% of each order after that. For example, if you refer a friend and they place and order for $100, you earn 1,000 points, or $10 towards your next order and then continue to get reward points for each order they place after that.

Once you are logged into your account, at checkout you will see how many points you have accumulated and have the option of using them towards that order. You can also log into your account at any time to view your rewards points. You can find all this information and screenshots of the process at MasterBooks.com/rewards

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