The Fossil Book (Download)

The Fossil Book (Download)


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Title The Fossil Book (Wonders of Creation Series - Digital Download)
Series Wonders of Creation
Contributors Dr. Gary Parker
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Fossils have fascinated humans for centuries. From the smallest diatoms to the largest dinosaurs, finding a fossil is an exciting and rewarding experience. But where did they come from, and how long have they been around? These and many other questions are answered in this remarkable book.

The Fossil Book will teach you about:

  • The origin of fossils
  • How to start your own fossil Collection
  • What kinds of fossils can be commonly found
  • The age of fossils
  • How scientists find and preserve fossils
  • How to identify kinds of fossils
  • How the flood affected fossil formation
  • The Geologic Column Diagram
  • The difference between evolutionists’ and creationists’ views on fossils
  • The “four Cs” biblical creation
  • The different kinds of rocks fossils are found in coal and oil formation

Learning about fossils, their origins, and how to collect them can be both fun and educational. The abundance of both marine and land fossils and the locations they are found in is a fascinating subject for students of all ages and has been studied by scientists and laypersons alike for many years. Learn what all the excitement is about!

Great addition
Review by Ashley
This can be read to younger children, and they are able to understand. Understanding fossils from a biblical worldview is so important in our culture. I’m so happy that there’s a teacher’s guide so we can explore it further.
I love this resource!
Review by mom of 3
My daughter enjoys what she is learning, and I like that she can understand it independently. The pictures are engaging, I do think the physical book may be a better deal, so that it can be browsed through again at a later time...this is the kind of book you will keep after the year is over
Bibilcally Sound View of Fossils - Refreshing Read!
Review by Sarah
This is an outstanding resource for children who are so often confronted with information on this subject often. I am excited to continue to reference it with our geology curriculum this year.
The Most Thorough, Biblically Based Geology Curriculum Available
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
We love everything about this curriculum. It's beautiful, easy to follow, hands-on, Biblically based, and absolute fun. Teachers will love the ease of using the materials. Students will love the easy to follow lessons and the variety of activities included.

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