Foundations in Faith (Download)

Foundations in Faith (Download)


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For Ages 12-18

Foundations in Faith is a homeschool curriculum designed to teach Bible doctrine to teens and preteens. Your students will learn the basics of what Christians have held true as they study Scripture along with the creeds, confessions, and catechisms used over time to instill biblical truths. These helpful tools have been written to help Christ followers cling to the authority of God’s Word and avoid the pitfalls of believing heresies promoted within the culture and possibly even the church.

This one-year course is conveniently scheduled so a student can complete 20-30 minute lessons five days a week.

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Foundations in Faith

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Title Foundations in Faith (Download)
Contributors Israel Wayne
Page Count 372
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Foundations in Faith offers homeschool families a simplified study of biblical doctrines to help teens and preteens learn the foundational truths that will guide them for the rest of their lives. This Bible elective course focuses on the teachings of Scripture. Your student will learn the primary doctrines; the basics on which all true Christian believe. Secondary doctrines (those that do not impact salvation) are not addressed in this course.

Foundations in Faith offers an overview of systematic theology using the Bible as the ultimate authority with creeds, confessions, and catechisms as helpful tools. Many of the creeds and confessions were written by church councils who were seeking to correct errors that had arisen in the church. Catechisms use a question-and-answer format to teach a summary of the principles.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the purpose and importance of church doctrine
  • Learn to discern biblical truth from cultural assumptions and popular faith myths
  • Master spiritual disciplines that enable you to go deeper in your faith and understanding
  • Explore important foundational insight into crucial aspects of biblical truths

Course Features:

  • Quick, targeted lessons – 20 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • Includes worksheets and answer keys; incorporates numerous passages of God’s Word
  • Incorporates four tests – one for each quarter
  • A one-year course designed for grades 7-12
  • The NKJV was used to create the course. If your student prefers a different version, please remember to adjust answers regarding Scriptures to your preferred version

What to Expect

Each lesson is two pages and includes doctrinal sources, biblical text, and teaching. The student will need a Bible to look up various verses on worksheets and explore other verses suggested throughout the course. Testing occurs after every quarter and tests are found in the back of the book.

Course Requirements:

  • Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World, by David Shibley.
  • A New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible (for verse fill in the blank questions, etc.)

Table of Contents

  • Course Description & How to Use This Book
  • Note to Parents - About This Course
  • Schedule
  • Student Introduction
  • 1. What is Doctrine?
  • 2. Who Created Christian Doctrine?
  • 3. How Do We Know the Bible is True?
  • 4. All Truth Revealed
  • 5. The Bible Was Written to Be Understood
  • 6. How Can I Understand the Bible? Part 1
  • 7. How Can I Understand the Bible? Part 2
  • 8. How Can I Understand the Bible? Part 3
  • 9. Old Testament vs. New Testament
  • 10. The Importance of Church History
  • 11. Introduction to Creeds
  • 12. Confessions
  • 13. Exploring Catechisms
  • 14. Church Traditions and Confirmations
  • 15. All of Creation (Cosmology)
  • 16. The Fall of Man (Original Sin)
  • 17. Who Is God?
  • 18. The Trinity
  • 19. Jesus, the Son of God
  • 20. Jesus Paid It All
  • 21. Jesus’ Death and Burial
  • 22. The Resurrection
  • 23. The Holy Spirit
  • 24. Salvation: Being Born Again
  • 25. Justification and Sanctification
  • 26. The Church
  • 27. Baptism and Communion
  • 28. Growing Strong Through Spiritual Disciplines
  • 29. Prayer
  • 30. Bible Study
  • 31. Worship
  • 32. Evangelism
  • 33. Generosity (Stewardship)
  • 34. Good Works—Serving
  • 35. Self-Denial
  • 36. The Second Coming
  • Glossary
  • Answer Key
Great resource for anyone wanting to learn more.
Review by Shannon
I'm looking forward to doing this course along with my older kids.
I like that it teaches what and why using scripture to explain.
Truly foundational
Review by Laura
You could title this book “Systematic Theology for kids” or perhaps “Basic Christian Doctrine”. These doctrines include the Trinity, baptism, the resurrection, as well as many other essential doctrines the New Testament church has held for thousands of years. These are all things important concepts that every believer should know and understand. A study of several ministers and missionaries is also included. The workbook format challenges the student to think through what he or she is leaning. I highly recommend it for anyone who is wanting to learn more about the Christian faith. We will definitely be using this book with each of our children.
Highly Recommand
Review by Michael
I highly recommend Foundations of Faith. Having just gone through a 7-week Foundations class through our church fellowship, this curriculum complements that and expands on various topics. This study material does just what it says, it provides a foundation of the Christian faith. Although it is aimed for high school students, this curriculum would also be good for adults regardless of where they are in their faith. I appreciate incorporating examples for living out the Christian faith such as the the accompanying book as well as discussion in the curriculum.
Such a great course!!
Review by Danielle
I highly recommend Foundations in Faith! This is a unique and much needed resource. The course is designed for 7-12th graders but I personally am enjoying it myself as an adult! This course clearly breaks down what we as Christians believe and where we can find the basis for those beliefs in the Bible. I have been very impressed with how many important topics are covered. The course is clearly laid out so a student could work independently. I think it makes for an excellent source for family discussion as well!
Theology Course
Review by Lacee
While this course is designed for students in 7th through 12th grade, I believe that the older and more mature the student is, the more they will get out of this course. My 7th grade son has started the course and while he is enjoying it so far I don't think he's quite at the point of fully understanding some of it so we may table it for another year or two. He does really likes the short lessons and he is able to find the answers within the text, it's more the critical thinking aspect that he struggles with sometimes and that we are continuing to work on. I do love that this curriculum brings everything back to the Bible as the ultimate authority of God, as any great theological study should do.

Honestly, this is would be a great course for an adult or new believer to go through to deepen their faith, learn more about the Bible, and grow closer to God as well.

You will need Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World as well as a Bible to go through this course (NKJV is recommended and the version used in the scriptures throughout the course). I would also encourage a journal to write down your personal journey, things that resonate with you, the verses you are working on memorizing, or to write any questions you have or things that may be confusing for you so you can talk to your parents or church leaders about it further.
Fantastic course
Review by Dustie
This course is designed for 7th-12th grade students. It is certainly appropriate for this, but it would also be a great course for individual study for adults who are seeking a deeper understanding of Bible doctrine. Likewise, it would make a wonderful gift for a new believer.
One of the objectives of this course is to, “learn to discern biblical truth from cultural assumptions and popular faith myths.” This is such an important thing for all Christian to learn. The world around us is increasingly anti-biblical. It is essential for us to be able to practice discernment through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so we can live godly lives and bring others to the LORD.
Questions about the text and purpose are fully outlined in the introduction. The author makes it clear that the Bible is the absolute authority on all questions. He encourages students to discuss individual church doctrine with their parents or church leaders.
Foundations in Faith is a comprehensive resource that is consistent with biblical truths. The format is also very appealing. The lessons are thorough, but they’re not overwhelming in length. In addition to a deep dive into scripture, there are biographies of missionaries and different people in church history throughout the text. These are great for helping encourage believers and to deepen their faith in Christ. Scripture memorization is also a key element of this course. One of the pieces of scripture the student will hide in their heart is the 23rd Psalm! There’s even a section regarding the different types of covenants listed throughout the Bible, all the way to the covenant of grace by faith.
I wish I would have had this course as a teenager. I’m so thankful to have it for my family.

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