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For Ages 12-18

Foundations in Faith is a homeschool curriculum designed to teach Bible doctrine to teens and preteens. Your students will learn the basics of what Christians have held true as they study Scripture along with the creeds, confessions, and catechisms used over time to instill biblical truths. These helpful tools have been written to help Christ followers cling to the authority of God’s Word and avoid the pitfalls of believing heresies promoted within the culture and possibly even the church.

This one-year course is conveniently scheduled so a student can complete 20-30 minute lessons five days a week.

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1 x Foundations in Faith
1 x Great for God

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Foundations in Faith

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Title Foundations in Faith (Set)
Contributors Israel Wayne
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Foundations in Faith offers homeschool families a simplified study of biblical doctrines to help teens and preteens learn the foundational truths that will guide them for the rest of their lives. This Bible elective course focuses on the teachings of Scripture. Your student will learn the primary doctrines; the basics on which all true Christian believe. Secondary doctrines (those that do not impact salvation) are not addressed in this course.

Foundations in Faith offers an overview of systematic theology using the Bible as the ultimate authority with creeds, confessions, and catechisms as helpful tools. Many of the creeds and confessions were written by church councils who were seeking to correct errors that had arisen in the church. Catechisms use a question-and-answer format to teach a summary of the principles.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the purpose and importance of church doctrine
  • Learn to discern biblical truth from cultural assumptions and popular faith myths
  • Master spiritual disciplines that enable you to go deeper in your faith and understanding
  • Explore important foundational insight into crucial aspects of biblical truths

Course Features:

  • Quick, targeted lessons – 20 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • Includes worksheets and answer keys; incorporates numerous passages of God’s Word
  • Incorporates four tests – one for each quarter
  • A one-year course designed for grades 7-12. 1 Year / 1 Credit.
  • The NKJV was used to create the course. If your student prefers a different version, please remember to adjust answers regarding Scriptures to your preferred version

What to Expect

Each lesson is two pages and includes doctrinal sources, biblical text, and teaching. The student will need a Bible to look up various verses on worksheets and explore other verses suggested throughout the course. Testing occurs after every quarter and tests are found in the back of the book.

Course Requirements:

  • Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World, by David Shibley. (included in this set)
  • A New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible (for verse fill in the blank questions, etc.)

Table of Contents

  • Course Description & How to Use This Book
  • Note to Parents - About This Course
  • Schedule
  • Student Introduction
  • 1. What is Doctrine?
  • 2. Who Created Christian Doctrine?
  • 3. How Do We Know the Bible is True?
  • 4. All Truth Revealed
  • 5. The Bible Was Written to Be Understood
  • 6. How Can I Understand the Bible? Part 1
  • 7. How Can I Understand the Bible? Part 2
  • 8. How Can I Understand the Bible? Part 3
  • 9. Old Testament vs. New Testament
  • 10. The Importance of Church History
  • 11. Introduction to Creeds
  • 12. Confessions
  • 13. Exploring Catechisms
  • 14. Church Traditions and Confirmations
  • 15. All of Creation (Cosmology)
  • 16. The Fall of Man (Original Sin)
  • 17. Who Is God?
  • 18. The Trinity
  • 19. Jesus, the Son of God
  • 20. Jesus Paid It All
  • 21. Jesus’ Death and Burial
  • 22. The Resurrection
  • 23. The Holy Spirit
  • 24. Salvation: Being Born Again
  • 25. Justification and Sanctification
  • 26. The Church
  • 27. Baptism and Communion
  • 28. Growing Strong Through Spiritual Disciplines
  • 29. Prayer
  • 30. Bible Study
  • 31. Worship
  • 32. Evangelism
  • 33. Generosity (Stewardship)
  • 34. Good Works—Serving
  • 35. Self-Denial
  • 36. The Second Coming
  • Glossary
  • Answer Key
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Excellent. Highly recommended.
Review by
My 8th grade son and I are working through this study together. We are 3/4 of the way through the study and it's time to leave a review. I HIGHLY recommend this study. The lessons are short but PACKED with doctrine. We read and study through most lessons together but occasionally he does them on his own. I always read the Great for God missionary bios aloud and we discuss the questions. I think 8th-9th grade is a perfect age for this foundational study. It has been a 10 out of 10!
Wonderful study
Review by
My 9th grader is using Foundations in Faith this year and it has been a solid study on doctrine and church history. He has also enjoyed the missionary biographies. Many times this study has led us to have good conversations about topics such as baptism and prayer. Highly recommend!
Review by
I have absolutely loved going through this book as a group subject with my kids! We've learned so much, and been challenged in good ways.
Difficult for a 7th grader
Review by
I have given 4 stars because my 7th grader had a difficult time understanding the theology in this study. I have set it aside to use when she is a bit older because the curriculum is excellent!
Great Course
Review by
My 11th grader enjoyed solidifying his faith this school year with Foundations in Faith. He said it helped him develop a deeper understanding of theology and recommends all our kids go through it.
Peace of Mind
Review by
A perfect way to encourage family style learning and discussions. As parents we can be concerned that we may miss teaching an important point before our children launch into the world. This curriculum offers peace of mind. While the Holy Spirit is the author of all knowledge, we have a responsibility to put in the work. I'm so grateful for this resource that reaches an age demographic that most publishers leave out. Way to go Masterbooks!
Wonderful course to help a young child grow in their faith
Review by
With this book your student will: discover foundational aspects of biblical truth, learn to discern biblical truth from cultural assumptions, understand church doctrine & gain a deeper understanding of their faith. You are not just hearing the author's opinion here, he backs it up with scripture and asks the student to test his statements with scripture. Each lesson has different activities which we love. There is vocabulary/definitions in every lesson. This book asks and answers many questions that we all seem to wonder about the Bible and our faith. We really loved this book. I definitely recommend this for high school students (and adults who want to have a greater understanding of biblical truth).
Truly foundational
Review by
You could title this course “Systematic Theology for kids” or perhaps “Basic Christian Doctrine”. These doctrines include the Trinity, baptism, the resurrection, as well as many other essential doctrines the New Testament church has held for thousands of years. These are all things important concepts that every believer should know and understand. A study of several ministers and missionaries is also included. The workbook format challenges the student to think through what he or she is leaning. I highly recommend it for anyone who is wanting to learn more about the Christian faith. We will definitely be using this course with each of our children.

Great for God is a collection of short biographies of pioneering ministers and missionaries who have spread the gospel throughout the world. It includes a snapshot into the lives of William Carey, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, Hudson Taylor, and many others. It is a great introduction to missionary work.
Excellent course
Review by
I have always believed that one of the most important things is knowing and understanding biblical doctrine and theology. It is so important, as Christians, to know what we believe, why those beliefs are true, and how to share those beliefs with others.

Foundations in Faith takes your student on a year-long study of examining what they believe about God and why, and growing in their own faith through prayer and study. This course is written at a 7th to 12th grade level and is set up to follow a 36-week schedule at 5 days a week. A Bible is required, preferably a NKJV, as well as the book "Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World" by David Shibley.

Some stand-outs for me are as follows.

The biblical text is not always just printed and referenced in the course. The student is directed to look up the references and know where verses and passages are found in the Bible.

The activities to solidify what the student has read for the day are varied so that it does not become boring or tedious work. This might include true or false, matching, fill in the blank, short answers written out, etc. The questions are also presented in a way to make the student think and reflect, rather than just look up an answer.

I really appreciate the Church History Biographies included in this course. These are short, introductory biographies, but a great starting point if the student wanted to dive deeper. The missionary studies are great too!

The memory work! Throughout this course, your student will be challenged to memorize Psalm 23, The Nicene Creed, verses with a reference of 3:16 from different books, and John 15:1-10.

There is a test for each quarter.

I would highly recommend this course and believe it is a must for every high school student.
Review by
Foundations in Faith is not just for middle and high school students! It's a really great course for parents too! Many of us have been Christians for some time but have never looked into the history of the church. In Foundations in Faith, you get to dive into church history, learn about missionaries, doctrine and discover why we know the Bible is true.

I've been working though this study and about 6 weeks in (it's a 36-week course). I had no idea just how blessed I am to have a copy of the Bible in a language I can read! I'm enjoying this course very much and can’t wait to finish it! This will be a course I give to all of my children once they get to upper middle school! I think knowing the history, the triumphs and hardships that our church forefathers went through, is transformative to the appreciation of our faith! A must have!

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