Foundations Phonics (Download)

Foundations Phonics (Download)


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For Ages 4-6

Bring letters, sounds, and reading to life for your early learners with Foundations Phonics, Master Books’ award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum. Laying the foundation for homeschool language learning success, this open & go curriculum teaches phonics through Biblical interactive lessons, engaging worksheets, and exciting hands-on activities.

Foundations Phonics is ideal for a kindergarten to first grade level student and effectively prepares them for the Language Lessons for a Living Education series.

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Foundations Phonics

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Foundations Phonics (Download)
Subtitle Easy Lessons for Early Learners
Contributors Carrie Lindquist
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

A Fun & Easy Approach

Foundations Phonics is designed to make the process of teaching your child to read easy, exciting, and so much fun! This grab & go Christian homeschool curriculum teaches phonics through interactive lessons, engaging worksheets, and exciting hands-on activities that bring letters, sounds, and reading to life!

Foundations Phonics features:

  • Interactive 3-5 minute lesson narratives teaching a letter & sound or blend through a Biblical story or concept
  • Reading practice through words, sentences, Bible verses, and the lines to the song, Jesus Loves Me
  • Engaging worksheets featuring coloring, reading, problem-solving, writing, and activities
  • Suggested hands-on activities for each lesson that utilize common household items such as crayons, rice, flour, etc.

Totally Flexible

This award-winning phonics program can be used with students who are developmentally ready to learn to read in either kindergarten or first grade. Foundations Phonics can also be customized for use with students who are ready for writing, as well as those who may not yet have the hand-eye coordination required for writing but are ready to learn to read.

In Foundations Phonics your student will:

  • Learn letters, sounds, & blends
  • Begin reading words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Practice recognizing sight words
  • Trace the Gospel message from Creation to Christ
  • and so much more!

More Than Phonics Because the Foundation Matters

As your child learns to read in Foundations Phonics, they’ll embark on an exciting adventure through the pages of the very best book, the Bible! Young students will develop a strong Biblical foundation as they trace God’s plan of Salvation from Creation to the Resurrection of Christ. Along the way, students will discover God’s grand design in nature, meet biblical men and women who followed God, encounter Jesus, learn why God’s plan of salvation was necessary and how the Gospel applies to their individual life.

Foundations Phonics includes:

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Materials List
  • Lesson Narratives & Helpful Hints
  • Student Worksheets

Course Features:

  • 20-30 minutes per lesson, 3-5x per week
  • Recommended Grade Level: K - 1
  • Often used in Semester 1 of first grade to be followed by Language Lessons for a Living Education: Level 1
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched
Review by Tabitha
I have tried many different phonics based curriculums and this by far is mine and my sons favorite!
Foundation Phonics
Review by Love2BeMom
One of my favourite things about raising and educating my own children is teaching them to read. Foundation Phonics is the perfect resource to help parents with this task. It is easy to follow and full of creative and engaging ways to make reading fun. Not only will this help you teach your child to read and write, but your child will get foundational understanding of Biblical history and salvation from creation to Christ. This is available in a PDF version too.

The Masterbooks recommended order for a gentle introduction to reading is using Simply K (published by Masterbooks) in kindergarten, which teaches letter names. Then Foundation Phonics in the first half of first grade, which teaches phonics and then Language Lessons for a Living Education (published by Masterbooks) 1 in the second half.
Wonderful beginning reading/writing course
Review by Kathleen
We loved this course. It takes you through the letter sounds with Biblical phrases from Creation to the Resurrection of Christ. I enjoyed sharing those phrases with my child. I really appreciated that for every letter sound there is 1. scripted instruction 2. worksheets 3. hands on activity suggestions and 4. a materials list. It was so adaptable, I knew that I didn't need to do all of it. It was wonderful to just be able to plan an activity with the materials so easily. The book suggestions were also really nice. The author definitely went above and beyond with resources to get the most out of this curriculum.
Review by Beth
I am so excited to have this program to teach my daughter how to read. As a new Christian, I knew I wanted her education to be Biblically based but had no idea what that should or could look like. This Phonics course uses the scriptures so well to weave in the Biblical history that I want my daughter to know too. It completely takes the guesswork out of teaching my child to read And teaching her the key stories of the Bible. So grateful we found it!
Love it!
Review by Rachel
We have used FP for two kiddos and I got the eBook for my 3rd because I only need to print the student pages (we'll use the book we have for the teacher pages). I love having this option to save a little printing and still utilize the content we ADORE so much. Looking forward to using it for the 3rd time.
Review by Amanda
We've tried it all and this is a good program. It does get a little wordy at times. However, this is the smoothest program I've used for teaching blends.
Review by Michelle
This is a great resource. I love that the Bible is on every page. it reinforces what we are talking about. And teaching phonics/reading skills. I am very pleased with this product!
Bible at the center
Review by Christa
This curriculum is great! The Bible is at the center of this book in every lesson. We just started it and 5 year old loves it! She knows a lot of her letters. I think if she was new to the alphabet this book would move too fast for her, but it is great with a kid who is familiar with some of their letters. Another option would be to take it slower if they struggled. This book is so fantastic and much better than the other kindergarten curriculum we tried.
Fun Foundation!
Review by Bonnie
We recently switched to Foundation Phonics from another program, and I'm so glad we did! My daughter is loving it, and so am I! I purchased the download so I can use it for my other two children when they are old enough. Highly recommend!!
The best!
Review by tracy
I bought this thinking my daughter would need it but she already knows her sounds. Not disappointed at all because she loves to imagine the bible story.

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