From Adam to Jesus (Download)

From Adam to Jesus (Download)

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Explore God's amazing story from Creation to Crucifixion in this 13-foot-long timeline entitled, From Adam to Jesus. This full-color resource allows you to study biblical history one panel at a time or completely unfolded. A must-have Bible study aid this Christian resource is actually reversible with the timeline on one side and a reproduction of the famous Piglhein Panorama of Jerusalem at the time of Christ's Crucifixion on the other side. This unique, vintage style masterpiece is the perfect addition to your family's library.

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Title From Adam to Jesus (Download)
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Adam to Jesus is a remarkable 13-foot foldout Bible timeline revealing a detailed history from Creation to Crucifixion on one side and a hand-painted panorama on the other. Trace the genealogy of Jesus from the beginning of time until his birth. Explore historical events and the people you read about in God’s Word. Investigate the special illustrated panels including “The City of Jerusalem at the time of Christ” and the “Family Descent of Christ from Adam.”

On the reverse side you will find a reproduction of the famous Piglhein Panorama of Jerusalem at the time of the Crucifixion. The massive panorama in Munich was destroyed by fire but a contemporary copy captures the magnificence of Piglhein’s work.

This Bible study resource is a fascinating addition to any library including families, individuals, new believers, teachers, pastors, and theologians. It is a popular choice for avid Bible readers because it:

  • Presents a biblical timeline enhanced with informative text and beautiful images
  • Clarifies details and historical points for a new generation of readers
  • Is uniquely packaged for both easy display and secure storage
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