The Geology Book (Download)

The Geology Book (Download)


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Title The Geology Book (Wonders of Creation Series - Digital Download)
Series Wonders of Creation
Contributors Dr. John Morris
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Rocks firmly anchored to the ground and rocks floating through space fascinate us. Jewelry, houses, and roads are just some of the ways we use what has been made from geologic processes to advance civilization. Whether scrambling over a rocky beach, or gazing at spectacular meteor showers, we can't get enough of geology!

The Geology Book will teach you:

  • What really carved the Grand Canyon.
  • How thick the Earth's crust is.
  • The varied features of the Earth's surface - from plains to peaks.
  • How sedimentary deposition occurs through water, wind, and ice.
  • Effects of erosion.
  • Ways in which sediments become sedimentary rock.
  • Fossilization and the age of the dinosaurs.
  • The powerful effects of volcanic activity.
  • Continental drift theory.
  • Radioisotope and carbon dating.
  • Geologic processes of the past.

Our planet is a most suitable home. Its practical benefits are also enhanced by the sheer beauty of rolling hills, solitary plains, churning seas and rivers, and majestic mountains - all set in place by processes that are relevant to today's entire population of this spinning rock we call home.

Review by Ashley
Beautiful pictures! I love that it teaches from a biblical worldview. Great for teaching multiple children of different ages.
really like this
Review by mom of 3
My daughter enjoys what she is learning, and I like that she can understand it independently. The pictures are engaging, I do think I prefer having a physical book in this case, as this is one worth keeping on the shelf long after the year is over...
The Most Thorough, Biblically Based Geology Curriculum Available
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
We love everything about this curriculum. It's beautiful, easy to follow, hands-on, Biblically based, and absolute fun. Teachers will love the ease of using the materials. Students will love the easy to follow lessons and the variety of activities included.

With four topics covered - Archaeology, Geology, Caves and Fossils - your students will gain a wealth of knowledge from this curriculum.

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