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Master Books’ Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding course utilizes a clear, conversational, and engaging approach to teach your high school student. This best-selling course guides your student to mastery of geometric concepts and principles through practical, real-life application. With the use of innovative discussions cartoons, anecdotes, and vivid exercises, students will not only learn but will also find their interest growing with each lesson.

Students find this course easy to follow and are often able to work independently. This is a one-year course requiring 60 - 75 minutes of study per day, 5 days a week.

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1 x Geometry
1 x Geometry (Solutions Manual)

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SKU M260-8-SET
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Geometry (Curriculum Pack)
ISBN 13 9781683442608
Series Jacob's Math
Contributors Harold Jacobs
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 6.9

Geometry Designed for Understanding

Master Books’ Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding course utilizes a clear, conversational, and engaging approach to teach your high school student. This best-selling course guides your student to mastery of geometric concepts and principles through practical, real-life application. Students find this course easy to follow and are often able to work independently. This is a one-year course requiring 60 - 75 minutes of study per day, 5 days a week.

Our unique instructional approach to math means your student:

  • Develops a lasting understanding of geometric principles
  • Interacts with concepts using real-world examples
  • Is prepared to take their understanding of Geometry concepts outside the math textbook and successfully apply them to higher math courses, sciences, & everyday life
  • Makes concepts their own
  • Is equipped with an understanding of the foundational mathematical concepts of Geometry—and once a student truly understands the concepts in Geometry, they are prepared for all higher math & sciences!

Engaging, Real-World Instruction

Understanding both the why and how of Geometry is foundational to your student’s success in high school and college. Master Books' Geometry provides students with a clear and thorough understanding of why concepts work, as well as how they are applied to solve real-world problems.

A Top Choice for High School Success & College Prep

Master Books’ Geometry course for high school has proven its ability to guide students towards success and is still the choice of top teachers and schools. The unique instructional method ensures your student understands both the why and how of Geometry and establishes a strong foundation for higher math & science courses. If your student is planning for college or a STEM career, this Geometry course ensures they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed!

Newly Revised & Updated

Master Books' Geometry has now been updated and revised to better equip the next generation of students!

Updates Include:

  • The addition of a daily schedule—saving you time!
  • Full solutions manual
  • Modernized language for clearer communication

This Curriculum Set Includes:

Geometry Student Text Includes:

  • Full Color Illustrations
  • 16 sections, covering deductive reasoning, lines & angles, congruence, inequalities, quadrilaterals, area, triangles, circles, theorems, polygons, geometric solids, and more!
  • Answers to select exercises in the back of the text
  • Flexible based on focus & intensity of course
    • Set I exercises review ideas & concepts from previous lessons to provide ongoing application of material.
    • Set II exercises allow student to apply material from the new lesson
    • Set III exercises provided additional, more challenging problems

Geometry Solutions Manual Includes:

  • Full Solutions & explanations to problem sets I, II, & III
  • Solutions to final review sections

Geometry Teacher’s Guide Includes:

  • Convenient suggested daily schedule
  • Reference pages for convenience
  • Tests (chapter, mid-term, final exam)
  • Test Solutions
  • Practical 3-hole punched, perforated pages for ease of use

Expert Instruction Available at

Help your student learn and apply geometry independently with the addition of our Geometry supplemental online video course. Kate Hannon, author of the Principles of Mathematics series, brings the course to life by walking the student through each lesson revealing how to arrive at the correct answers. Mrs. Hannon also teaches students to see the wonder of God in mathematics.

Course Features:

  • Revised & updated for the next-generation student
  • Usable for both self-directed students and teachers & students
  • Recommended for 10th Grade / 1 Year / 1 Credit
  • Approximately 60 to 75 minutes per lesson, five days a week
Review by Heather
I found this to be a challenging study for a 9th grade student, especially for independent study. We did not have the DVD or online videos and I think those may have helped. However, after using Jacob’s Geometry for 2 1/2 months I decided my son was not quite ready for Geometry this year and we have spent the rest of the year reviewing Algebra in order to get a more solid foundation before coming back to Geometry next year.
solid geometry text and fun examples too!
Review by Cathy
We have always used Saxon math, but when we rolled into Saxon geometry, it was absolutely awful. Very quickly I started looking for an alternative, and various homeschool websites recommended this one, so I gave it a try. I'm a total math nerd - I grew up taking honors math in school, so I appreciate a certain level of rigor. This book has it. It explains concepts very well (unlike Saxon, which didn't explain anything!) It has fun practical examples. It includes occasional algebra review, which is nice. Our kids generally do their math independently, and my son is able to do that well with this book. I'm so glad we found it.
Review by Lexie
This curriculum follows the very familiar design and layout if you are accustomed to Master Books math curriculum. My daughter has been in MB math since MLFLE 4, so this seemed like a perfect fit. If you are not used to MB curriculum, this book will involve a bit of reading to understand a concept, but I feel it is explained in words very well to understand how to perform these problems. If your student is not understanding or you just like the idea, there is a Master Books Academy course with an instructor that I feel is a really good teacher. This curriculum is set to cover 180 days. The main text is where you will find the lessons and problems to work daily. The teacher's guide is where you will find your tests and quizzes and their answers. The solution's manual is where you will find the answers to the daily problems from the textbook. Each lesson will have problems divided into sets I, II, and III with III being like a challenge or bonus question. This course covers what you would typically expect a geometry curriculum to cover (circles, arcs, inequalities, congruence, polygons, quadrilaterals, etc.). There is a descent amount of work to do within the textbook, so as a parent, I felt it was acceptable to do every other problem in a lot of the lessons (especially for questions that would have 10-12 problems of the same type to practice). I do feel that this is a very advanced curriculum that would help your child if they plan to study more advanced mathematics.
Solid HS Level Geometry
Review by Lacee
There is so much to like about this Geometry Curriculum. My kids favorite question is "why?" and the beauty of homeschool is we get to teach them all the why's they want! Jacob's Geometry does just that, it goes into the WHY in addition to the how and the what for geometry. I appreciate the real-world application that helps students recognize where they will use geometry in real-life. The way this course is designed, students need to have a basic understanding of algebra prior to starting geometry. You will need all 3 books - the teacher guide with the tests and exams, the solutions manual with answers to the problems in the lessons, and the main text book. There is also an academy course available. Students will also need graph paper, lined paper and a binder for their work. Since this is a high school level course, you can expect lessons to take around an hour or so depending on your student and their understanding of the topics discussed. Each Chapter has a different amount of lessons so you can expect some chapters to be longer than others, each chapter has a summary and a review at the end of the chapter, practice problems and a test. There are study days and review days built into the suggested daily schedule which is helpful for students. There is also mid-term and final reviews, and the mid-term and final exams are broken up into two days. All in all, this is a SOLID High School level Geometry course, and you can expect it to be rigorous and that it will prepare your student for furthuring their education at a higher level.
Great Geometry Curriculum
Review by Crystal
This looks like the geometry book that I wish I had back in high school! The student book is written in a conversational tone, which helps lead the students through the instruction. There are plenty of graphics, pictures, visual examples, and even cartoons and drawings to help engage the student and explain the material. I found the teaching part of the lesson to be pleasantly brief – an interesting piece of information from history or science that’s tied to the topic, a short written instruction, then the author goes straight to using examples to show the math concept. Math is consistently tied to interesting real world applications, making the information both relevant and memorable.

The Geometry teacher guide is a great companion to the student book. It contains the tests and answer key and suggested daily schedule. Also included is a glossary and list of formulas, postulates, and theorems, which are great teaching tools to quickly reference. The teacher guide is simple and to the point, making it a great addition to the Geometry curriculum.

The Geometry Solutions Manual is a great addition to the Geometry student book. Although the student book has answers to some exercises, the Solutions Manual covers each question, some in greater detail to see how the problem is worked out. This helps provide better feedback to your student as you assess progress through the curriculum.
Helps you understand the practical necessity for learning Geometry along with a deeper understanding of how and why it works.
Review by Kathleen
I love the practicality of the lessons. Some of the things covered in this book are: how lines are used in designing a city, telling time with shadows, angles in measuring the earth, how polygons were used for pyramid architecture, and many others.

This is not a typical Geometry book that gives you words and definitions without context. The author uses entertaining illustrations, including cartoons. There are pictures throughout that demonstrate how that concept is used in the world.
Some helpful things included are an Algebra review and a Summary, and Review in each chapter.
There are three books for this level. Student Textbook (where the problems are) Teacher Guide (schedule, instruction, and solutions) and a Solutions Manual (fully worked out solutions for each problem).
There is also a video course for this level in Masterbooks Academy.
Excellent Geometry Course
Review by Becky V
Geometry is everywhere we look and this course approaches learning the principles from a biblical worldview, yet in a fun and vivid way with real world examples. After taking this course, one credit will be earned for either math or geometry. The complete course includes a student textbook, a solutions manual, and a teacher guide.

A typical lesson includes reading the lesson, followed by an exercise assignment with up to three sets available to assign. There are study days scheduled in as well as a day after each test to review the test and work for that chapter.

The solutions manual is an excellent resource for both the student and the teacher. It contains full solutions to every exercise in the student textbook.

The teacher guide includes a suggested weekly lesson schedule, chapter tests, midterm and final exams, as well as test answer keys. Time investment required for this course is 60 to 75 minutes daily, five days a week, but also very flexible in how it can be structured - the number of sets assigned each day can be tailored for each student.

The reference pages included in the teacher guide are a great resource! Included are a glossary, a quick reference of formulary, and a chapter by chapter guide to each postulate and theorem covered.

All tests included contain a question page and an answer page. All work necessary to solve a problem would be shown on a separate sheet of paper.

I really love the approach of this course as an exercise in seeing, doing, and understanding. It flows very well and is easily followed, all while approaching geometry with a biblical worldview. I would highly recommend this course for every student needing to fulfill the geometry requirement.
Love Jacob's!
Review by Candice
As an engineer and homeschooler, I love Jacob's Algebra and Geometry. Both booths are excellent in that they are engaging and are written in such a way to inspire students to think and chew on concepts. I really LOVE that this book is in color. There is just something about color that brings concepts to life. The real life examples and applications are also so important to a student understanding why they are even learning this material. A+ very happy with this and will continue to use it with my students.
Great Fit For Our Family
Review by Laurie
Our family has trusted Master Books for our homeschool journey from preschool all the way to high school. I have noticed starting in around the 9th-grade level the courses really ramp up in difficulty level. This course is no exception. We got this course for my daughter's math next year. But have spent a good amount of time looking it over with her and doing the beginning chapter to make sure it is a good fit for her. One thing we both appreciated is how entertaining they make the chapters. It's so much easier to follow than your average public school textbook. After diving into this course we will definitely be purchasing the Master Books Academy supplement next year along with the solutions manual. She is very much looking forward to this course.
Amazing Geometry set!
Review by Dustie
Many math courses teach student how to solve problems, which is important. However, if they do not understand why they are doing so, the text or course has failed them. This book provides real world examples of when and how to apply geometric principles, giving the student the “why” to accompany the “how.” 

Higher level math courses such as this are often dry, but this course is full of engaging applications that help hold the attention of the student. 
The course is well organized with clear objectives. The schedule in the teacher guide is easy to follow. The formulary and glossary in the front of the teacher guide are helpful resources for the parent. The exams seem to follow the content well, and the exam answers are in the back of the teacher guide. The solutions guide is useful to ensure understanding or clarify questions. 
It is an extensive course, but a student who has a foundation in algebra will likely find it to be a natural progression. 

The course requires all books for this to be successful for the student’s learning, as well as, the teacher’s organization and ability to explain. This course will take some time to get through each day, but it is expected to take 180 days to complete from beginning to end and will lay a foundation for even higher level math courses that most college students can use in higher education or careers in STEM.

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