God Created the Birds of the World (Download)

God Created the Birds of the World (Download)


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Part of a series of coloring sticker books designed to heighten children’s awareness of the truth of God’s Creation, these books teach children about the world God has made. Not only will kids learn about the world around them, but they will see how it reflects God’s plan. They’ll also have fun doing so as they color and use the stickers!

God Created the Birds of the World covers the biblical Creation story in relation to birds, as well as facts about birds in general, information on different varieties of them, and explanations of why God created them with wings, feathers, and beaks. Kids will also learn how birds fit within God’s world in their relationships with people and other animals. Kids will also learn easy ways they can help the birds in their own backyard.

  • Teaches about birds and conservation in an age-appropriate, biblically-sound manner
  • Contains 32 full-color stickers that match the drawings and can be used as a color guide
  • Remains fun and informative even after all the pictures are colored

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Title God Created the Birds of the World (Download)
Series 'God Created' sticker book
Contributors Bonita Snellenberger, Earl Snellenberger
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The books in this series are designed to heighten children's awareness of the truth of God's creation. Combination coloring and sticker books, they also contain information that will help children understand the chronology of creation, and the reasons we are to care for what He has entrusted us with. The center of each book contains 32 full-color stickers that match the drawings. Children can place the sticker with the drawing, giving young artists a color guide. For ages 4-10.

Fun for all ages
Review by Jamie
My 9, 7, and 5 year old are all having fun with this book that I grabbed during the class sale. I love that I have the electron it version I can print off as many copies as needed for what we’re studying that day and my five-year-old loves coloring all the pages my older ones like reading some of the info.
Review by Kimberly
This is the perfect addition to our birds unit study!
Super Supplemental Series
Review by Heidi
I was so excited to buy this supplemental gem in a Tuesday Flash Sale! I plan on buying the whole series because it is such a great addition to any current curriculum! My son loves birds and can’t wait to start this book!!
Excellent activity for any age.
Review by JC
My daughter is very proud of her work on these colourings. She is learning too, both information about birds, which she is coincidentally studying in science, but also learning about colour, shading, and precision. When it is complete, this work will be a keepsake for her... and likely so will all the others in the series!!
Can't wait to get started!!
Review by Heather
I just showed my 8 year old the pictures and she is so excited! Such beautiful detailed pictures and I love all of the Scripture throughout the book as well. I plan to purchase more of this series!
Great series for fun and information!
Review by Amy
This book says 6-10 years, but I think younger kids can get much out of it too. Love the whole series.
Review by Alisha
These books make great additions to Gods Design for Life. We line them up with the corresponding chapter in Life for fun extra learning!
Review by Alisha
These small books make great additions to Gods Desin for Life!

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