God Made the World & Me

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It's never too early to start building an appreciation and understanding of our Creator, the Bible, and basic learning skills. Developed by a professional with 30 years’ experience in early childhood education, this creation preschool curriculum is a wonderful opportunity to start building a solid faith foundation while children learn about the world around them with lessons children will enthusiastically enjoy. Thirteen comprehensive curriculum lessons combine science, art, physical activities, Bible memorization, and songs, as well as activity suggestions for younger and older students!

  • Flexible, easy-to-use, creation preschool curriculum that works for homeschool classrooms or larger Sunday school, Christian school, or Vacation Bible School class settings
  • Flexible scheduling that allows you to spend either a week, a month, or three months on the material
  • Suitable for a range of ages, with activity suggestions for both younger and older kids, so it’s easy to teach students of different ages at the same time
  • Emphasis on fun hands-on activities, games, music, art, and science projects that are sure to maintain student interest
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