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A complete earth science curriculum for K-2nd graders, the lessons feature beautiful color pictures, age-appropriate activities, worksheets, Scripture learning, writing practice, and more. Fun and easy-to-use, the God’s Design Series – for Beginners curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants their children to understand creation from a solidly biblical basis.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 2.60
Title God's Design for Heaven & Earth: For Beginners
Series God's Design MB Edition
ISBN 13 9781683442387
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Binding Paperback
Page Count 414
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Easy, hands-on activities make learning fun, and the focus on biblical creation helps establish children in a solid life-long faith!

Planet Earth for Beginners
Discover what makes Earth special as you learn about the Great Flood, the Ice Age, glaciers, rocks, fossils, gems, mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes, erosion, and more!

Weather and Water for Beginners
Explore the atmosphere, weather, ancient climates, kinds of clouds, the water cycle, storm prediction, oceans, beaches, the sea floor, ocean zones, and coral reefs!

Universe for Beginners
Understand the creation of the universe, how planets move, gravity, the moon and stars, solar eclipses, energy, seasons, our galaxy, space exploration, meteors, and more!

A complete earth science curriculum for K-2nd graders, the lessons feature beautiful color pictures, age-appropriate activities, worksheets, Scripture learning, writing practice, and more. Fun and easy-to-use, the God’s Design Series – for Beginners curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants their children to understand creation from a solidly biblical basis.

Table of Contents

  • Lesson 1: God Made Weather
  • Lesson 2: The Atmosphere
  • Lesson 3: The Weight of Air
  • Lesson 4: The Study of Weather
  • Lesson 5: Weather vs. Climate
  • Lesson 6: Climate Before the Flood
  • Lesson 7: The Great Flood
  • Lesson 8: Climate After the Flood
  • Lesson 9: Water Cycle
  • Lesson 10: Forming Clouds
  • Lesson 11: Cloud Types
  • Lesson 12: Precipitation
  • Lesson 13: Air Masses and Weather Fronts
  • Lesson 14: Wind
  • Lesson 15: Thunderstorms
  • Lesson 16: Tornadoes
  • Lesson 17: Hurricanes
  • Lesson 18: Measuring Temperature and Air Pressure
  • Lesson 19: Measuring Rainfall and Wind Speed
  • Lesson 20: Predicting Weather
  • Lesson 21: Weather Sayings
  • Lesson 22: Weather Review
  • Lesson 23: Oceans
  • Lesson 24: Why Is Seawater Salty?
  • Lesson 25: Ocean Currents
  • Lesson 26: Waves
  • Lesson 27: Tides
  • Lesson 28: Wave Erosion
  • Lesson 29: Building Beaches
  • Lesson 30: Sea Exploration
  • Lesson 31: The Ocean Floor
  • Lesson 32: Ocean Zones
  • Lesson 33: Vents and Smokers
  • Lesson 34: Coral Reefs
  • Lesson 35: Conclusion
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Beautiful Study of the Universe
Review by Johanna
We just love the God’s Design for Beginner books. I am finishing up HEAVEN & EARTH FOR BEGINNERS for the second time with my second child and we have enjoyed every lesson. The layout is perfectly done with great photos and illustrations on each page. The worksheets woven throughout the book are fun to do and reinforce the lessons. The review pages at the end of each unit provide a nice way to recap each unit before moving on to the next one. I like that the lessons are concise, allowing us time to delve deeper into whatever way our science talks take us. There is a sufficient amount of science experiment instructions and activities for you and your student to do. Optional activities are at the back of the book. It is a gift to have this science curriculum from a Christian worldview that shows the wonders of our world and explains how God has set all of nature to work together. We are blessed to have, in our hands, such a beautiful study of our universe.
Review by Jessie
I got this to use with my kindergartener age 5/6 son. We did 2 lessons a week. If he had been in 2nd grade we would've done the 4 day a week schedule. The images are vivid and beautiful. The lessons were easy to understand. We both learned a lot. The schedule in the front was really helpful to me. I recommend.
Lot's of hands on!
Review by Kayla
My daughter and I loved all the extra hands on activities throughout the book. We would usually dive deep into the topics she wanted to learn more about. Great science book for my 2nd grader!
Not bad
Review by Kelly
I used this for my 2nd grader. I believe for him it was a bit easy, but I do not think a kindergartener would hold the attention this book requires. It breaks down lessons really well and has easy experiments to do.
Just not for us
Review by Amanda
It wasn’t our favorite, but it was still full of information.
Great book to use over 3 years
Review by Jennifer
I broke each section up into 3 years K-2nd. It supplemented our other science curriculum from Masterbooks perfectly!
The best
Review by Johanna
By far the best science curriculum. My daughter loves it and continues to talk about what she's learning. And secretly I'm learning too of everything I've forgot lol
My son does advanced lesson because he likes the book so much!
Review by Crystal
We finished this book without drama. My son loves it so much, he keeps on reading it by himself and doing advance work. He is most interested to Universe lessons, and we enjoyed the activity wherein we modelled the estimated distance of each planet from one another. He grasps the idea of it and amazed that Pluto is way far that we started in our living room and reached the elevator hallway of the building!

Overall, it is a colorful and a fun way learning the creation outside the earth.
Love it.
Review by Heather
The kids love this book! They keep re reading it. Simple and informative for kids. Definitely recommend. fun projects.
Good Book
Review by Thomas
My son's favorite subject is science; he enjoyed this book. He loves the included experiments and even asks to "do" science on weekends and holidays.
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