God's Design for Life (Teacher Guide - MB Edition - Download)

God's Design for Life (Teacher Guide - MB Edition - Download)


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Learn all about biology as students study the intricacies of life science through human anatomy, botany, and zoology.

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Title God's Design for Life (Teacher Guide - MB Edition - Download)
Subtitle The World of Plants | The Human Body | The World of Animals
Series God's Design MB Edition
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The God’s Design for Life Teacher Guide reveals the wonders of God’s creation through the study of plants, the human body, and animals. Each lesson contains at least one hands-on activity to reinforce the concepts being taught and a “challenge” section with extra information and activities designed especially for older students.

  • Explore how different types of seeds grow, the patterns of flowers, and how processes like photosynthesis occur
  • Assemble the Body Wheel and Sandy Skeleton to learn more about the various systems that make your body work
  • Create a wonderful Animal Notebook as your explore birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, arthropods, and more!

Designed to build critical thinking skills and flexible enough to work with all learning styles, the lessons require minimal teacher preparation, are multi-level for 3rd–5th and 6th–8th grades, as well as being fun and easy-to-use. The course includes a helpful daily schedule, as well as worksheets, quizzes, and tests. The information contains tips on how to teach science, properly contrasting creation vs. evolution, and integrating a biblical worldview.

Fun science
Review by Christie
I love the E-book option so I can just print what I need for each individual child. Everything is well planned out & easy enough to teach & learn along with the kids!
Plenty of space to answer
Review by Danielle
The worksheets have plenty of space for students to answer questions. To save paper on printing, I would print the questions and activity pages for each unit. I would have liked to see the questions all being on the same page instead of starting on the page with the Unit information. I would also have liked to see the Challenge questions for quiz and exams to be on their own pages. I used it for younger students so we didn't do any of the challenge material.
fantastic to cement learning
Review by Rachelle
The worksheets in the teachers guide do well in cementing the information the kids have learned through the text book of God's Design for Life. It's also great to read tips to help myself as a parent to teach my kids and continue to further their knowledge.
Easy to follow
Review by Chelsea
I love this teacher guide and use it daily along with the student book. I have a 3rd and 5th grader doing this curriculum. The teacher guide has worksheets for each lesson, quizzes for each unit, and tests for each section. Since I have two kids, but did not want to purchase two teacher guides, I write the worksheet questions in their science notebooks each day. By doing this, I'm able to cater to their individual levels if my younger one isn't grasping the information, or if my older one is able to answer the 6th-8th grade portions. I also do the same with the quizzes and tests.
Very much needed!
Review by Diandra
This teacher guide helps me greatly! ☺️
Digging Deeper
Review by Jennifer
This teachers guide gives a detailed schedule of assignments. It contains deeper questions and activities to deepen each lesson in the companion student book. It is wonderfully organized, with a supply list at the beginning of each section.

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