God's Design for the Physical World (Teacher Guide - MB Edition - Download)

God's Design for the Physical World (Teacher Guide - MB Edition - Download)


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Study introductory physics and the mechanisms of heat, machines, and technology with this accessible course.

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Title God's Design for the Physical World (Teacher Guide - MB Edition - Download)
Subtitle Machines & Motion | Heat & Energy | Inventions & Technology
Series God's Design MB Edition
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Page Count 423
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The God’s Design Physical World Teacher Guide reveals the wonders of God’s creation through the study of physics and the mechanisms of heat, machines, and technology. Each lesson contains at least one hands-on activity to reinforce the concepts being taught and a “challenge” section with extra information and activities designed especially for older students.

  • In addition to the lessons, special features in each book include biographical information on interesting people as well as fun facts to make the subject more engaging
  • Teaches children an understanding that God is our Creator, and the Bible can be trusted.

Designed to build critical thinking skills and flexible enough to work with all learning styles, the lessons require minimal teacher preparation, are multi-level for 3rd–5th and 6th–8th grades, as well as being fun and easy-to-use. The course includes a helpful daily schedule, as well as worksheets, quizzes, and tests. The information contains tips on how to teach science, properly contrasting creation vs. evolution, and integrating a biblical worldview.

An Excellent Science Curriculum
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
If you're searching for a well-organized, scheduled science course for third through eighth graders, look no further. God's Design for the Physical World is everything you could ask for and more.

This Teacher Guide comes complete with Weekly Lesson Schedules, Student Worksheets, Quizzes, and Answer Keys. For those new to Physical Science, a helpful "Welcome to God's Design: Physical World" introduction has been provided, including helpful tips on how to teach science across multiple grades and ideas on teaching creation versus evolution. You will not find a more helpful, organized guide for teaching physical science.

Teachers will find God's Design for the Physical World to be thorough, engaging, and Biblically sound. Students will discover more of the world God created while enjoying hands-on activities, fun facts, and completing projects. This curriculum is sure to please everyone!

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