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God’s Story is a beautifully illustrated Bible study resource for the entire family. From Genesis to Revelation, the big concepts of the Bible are made easy to understand in a way that adults and children will enjoy. A simple retelling and summary of over 120 accounts from the Old and New Testament reveal God’s redemptive plan for mankind. Together your family will follow the “scarlet thread” of Scripture which points to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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SKU K288-2
Manufacturer Master Books
Title God's Story (Download)
Subtitle From the Beginning to the Promised Return
Contributors Becki Dudley, Bill Looney
Page Count 200
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

God’s Story: From Beginning to God’s Return is the perfect supplement to your family’s Bible study time. This beautifully illustrated book offers a classic presentation of God’s salvation plan. Author, Becki Dudley, retells over 120 stories from the Old and New Testament in a way that captivates children, teens, and adults helping all see the big picture of God’s love for mankind expressed through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Uniquely designed to help you intentionally disciple your family, God’s Story includes:

  • True accounts from Bible history retold in an easy-to-understand format
  • Bible references for deeper study
  • Summaries for younger readers
  • Stunning artwork bringing the stories to life
  • Simple definitions of biblical terms
  • “Thread of Hope” pages showing how the stories are tied together

God’s Story reveals the trustworthiness of God’s character and His written Word. From Genesis to Revelation, your family will explore how He communicates to His people, how people fit into His story, and how faithful He is to fulfill His promises. With this Bible study resource, each of your family members will gain a greater understanding of God’s love expressed through Jesus and how their lives are a continuation of His Story.

God’s Story is an ideal resource for family devotions, individual Bible study time, a supplement to Bible curriculum, and an excellent gift. Grandparents enjoy giving God’s Story to impart a legacy of faith to the future generations. Churches offer God’s Story as a special gift in celebration of baby dedications, new families joining the church, baptisms, and more.

"Years ago, nearly every family (Christian or not), had a large illustrated family Bible on their coffee table. It was held in high esteem because it was beautiful and ornate, but also because most families recognized the cultural value of the Bible, even if they did not personally believe or obey it. I can't help but think God's Story is a contemporary version of these older family Bibles. It is beautifully illustrated and gives an overview of the story of God's word in an easy to understand format. This is the kind of resource I will want to display in my living room, for guests to flip through (it would also be wonderful in an office waiting room!). But unlike most coffee table books, God's Story tells the true story of redemption and salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a great resource to read aloud to your children, or gift to your grandchildren. It is a great resource for both churches and families. I look forward to seeing how God will use this unique resource in the lives of thousands as they come to know Him better."

Israel Wayne — Author & Speaker

Great Family Devotional
Review by
I am just in love with God’s Story and how beautifully illustrated it is. This book was intentionally written to guide your family through a thoughtful selection of truths from God’s Word. It is divided into two parts: the first part covering the Old Testament and the second part covering the New Testament. The summaries of the passages selected are short, but thorough explanations. There are also summaries included for younger readers for each devotion as a simpler explanation to keep them engaged too!

My favorite part is the Threads of Hope section that is included throughout that help tie everything together and help you to see the big picture of God’s story.

Not only is it a great resource to use in a family devotional setting, I am excited to see that it can also be used as a homeschooling resource alongside the Language Lessons for a Living Education series, currently levels 3-5.

I think this book is a blessing to anyone who picks it up and also a great gift to pass along to family and friends.
Review by
This Bible story book is a great addition to our home library. I absolutely love the illustrations. Instead of being cartoons or fairy tale like, they are realistic and detailed. I think this makes a big difference in helping our children understand that the Word of God is not a compilation of fictional stories, but truth.
I love the way the author included simple summaries for younger children. This makes the book usable for a variety of ages. When reading it with my 3-year-old, I can show her the pictures and read the simple summary, and this is more likely to keep her attention. However, my older children can easily pick this up from the shelf and read the full text for themselves, fully able to appreciate it. This is a wonderful feature for families that have multiple children. I also think it would make a nice gift.
The book itself is rooted in scripture. The scripture reference for each story is listed at the end of each lesson. This is a beautiful retelling that helps children to understand God’s Word, from creation all the way to Revelation The message of God’s love and His plan for our salvation is clearly laid out for the reader. I also really like the Threads of Hope pages throughout that tie the stories together and cover vocabulary words. The timelines and maps are also a unique addition to this book. These are helpful to provide context and better understanding of the events that are discussed.
Overall, I’m really impressed with this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a Bible story book for children.
Wonderful for all ages!
Review by
This book gives a wonderful overview of the whole story of Scripture, clearly showing the battle between man’s way and God’s way - or man’s ongoing struggle to submit to God’s authority and the victory God has promised and won over sin! Our children enjoy the beautiful illustrations (as with all Bible story illustrations, they give opportunity to talk about what we *think* these scenes might have looked like, and how these are one artist’s rendering of it), and the simple text summaries are perfect for younger readers, or for reading to young children with shorter attention spans!!

As a mom reading it, I was blessed by the insights given throughout that I hadn’t considered before. The “Thread of Hope” pages are rich with keen observations drawing out the themes of the stories, showing how they point to Jesus. I think my very favorite part of the book is the timeline of Israel and Judah’s kings along with the prophets and “fast facts” about each prophet’s name and message. The maps are great and I really appreciate the chart contrasting Genesis and Revelation (such as “Ground is cursed, Genesis 3:17” and “Curse is done away with, Revelation 22:3”). This book will be a blessing to those of every age and reading level!
Beautiful book
Review by
This book is a beautifully illustrated Bible story book. It goes from Genesis to Revelation retelling Biblical stories. This book uses ESV, NKJV, NIV, and NLT translations. This book is perfect for me to sit down and read to my 4 and 6 year olds to learn Bible stories, and then my children doing Language Lessons for a Living Education can use this book to go along with their studies. The alternative downloads are offered free on the website. I feel that the wording used was very considerate of ensuring that they tell the story actually in the Bible. Some story books, I feel, dumb it down or make light of what occurred, and I felt this book was very accurate and spoke of difficult situations in a very respectful way.

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