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Looking for an easy way to get started? Our Basic 4 subject sets include our recommended subject sets for the four core subjects for each grade level.

Master Books Basic 4 Bundles include teacher and student materials for 36 weeks of coursework in language arts, math, science, and history - including suggested daily schedules, instruction, student worksheets & quizzes, and answer keys.

What’s Included

1 x Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 1
1 x Adventures in Creation: Level 1
1 x Foundations Phonics
1 x My Story 1
1 x Language Lessons for a Living Education 1
1 x The Door of Salvation
1 x Not Too Small at All: A Mouse Tale
1 x Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Grade 1 - Basic 4 Subject Set
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 15.5

The Basic 4 Subject sets include our grade appropriate, recommended solutions for math, language arts, history, and science. The Basic 4 set for grade 1 includes the following:

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 1
Finally, a homeschool math curriculum for the real world! Math Lessons for a Living Education 1 brings concepts to life through a Charlotte Mason flavor of engaging stories, copy work, oral narration, hands-on experience, and practical application. Equivalent to a first grade level.

Foundations Phonics
Foundations Phonics is a delightfully easy and fun approach to teaching your child to read! Through short, interactive lessons, engaging worksheets, and fun hands-on activities students will learn to read words, sentences, and paragraphs as they learn Biblical truths.

Language Lessons 1
This fun and engaging level builds on what students have learned in Foundations Phonics. They will continue to learn more about phonetic sounds and strengthen their writing skills while learning basic grammar concepts.

Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure
Meet Charlie, an ever-inquisitive monkey, and his best friend Trike, a calm ceratopsian dinosaur with vital faith answers, as they wind their way along the rim of the Grand Canyon, and take a mule trip with their guide Captain Wes down into this incredible landscape. Experience the adventure each time you read this unforgettable book with its pull-out features, maps, flaps, and a panoramic three-page Canyon drawing!

The Door of Salvation
Did you know there's a very special door? Noah and his family through the door went in. When God judged the world because of sin. We need to go through a doorway too: Jesus is that door for me and for you. It's a free gift for all of us to receive. To all of those who repent and believe!

Not too Small at All: A Mouse Tale
What is God's purpose for me? It's something everyone wonders about, even small children. With a world that is so big all around them, young children can be overwhelmed by the thought of trying to accomplish anything. Follow the charming story of Grandpa Mouse's journey to the ark as children see how they too can accomplish big things despite (or even because of!) their small size.

My Story 1
Level one begins with children in their homes, helping them think about their lives from their immediate families and beyond, as well as learning about local governments. Includes four quests.

Lays a foundation for God's love as students learn about his world. Starts with an understanding of the family from the Book of Genesis, Eden, Noah’s family, the Tower of Babel, and beyond. Helps children create a map of their homes and neighborhood so they can better understand a world map. Covers topics and interesting insights like toys and inventions through history, words from around the world, and homes in every shape and size, all while helping children journal their own story.

Adventures in Creation: Level 1
This science series, designed for students in grades K-3, will bring the Bible to life and instill a love for science through exploration, investigations, and biblically inspired stories. Students will discover that science is a wonderful tool God has given us to study His creation and learn more about His nature as they ask questions and experience God’s world through science.

Very Easy to Use
Review by Meagan
Overall, we have really enjoyed this curriculum. Lessons are fairly short, illustrations are fantastic. The language arts, phonics, math and science were all very easy to follow along and were fun to learn. One thing I wasn’t prepared for is that a couple of the subjects will be completed mid- year. We’ve had to supplement these which is fine.
However, I am leaving 4 stars because the history book in this set just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I stopped using it halfway through because it was all over the place and not the type of history I was hoping to teach. It just couldn’t keep my child’s attention.
First time using Masterbooks
Review by Jessica
We are halfway through our level 1 year and I really am impressed with the quality overall. The My story goes really in depth with good information. We just finished the Phonics book and are moving onto our second half of the year with the Living Language book. I love how the phonics incorporated the Bible teachings daily! I would recommend this to new homeschooling families for sure!!
Comprehensive 1st grade curriculum
Review by Averi
I LOVE the simplicity of using Master Books for homeschooling. It is a very manageable to use with the lesson plans /daily assignments laid out in the front of each book, and doesn’t require any additional prep work ahead of time.
While I don’t love the phonics curriculum (I feel like it moves too quickly for a learn-to-read student), I have found something to supplement the use of it to make it more manageable.
My child absolutely loves the science book and looks forward to the projects each week.
Highly recommend this curriculum.
Love the all-in-one set
Review by Averi
We are loving the first grade curriculum set this year. A friend told me about masters books and im so thankful to be using the biblically based curriculum with my child.
Wonderful first curriculum
Review by Stephanie
We got this set as our first big curriculum purchase. I have been searching for a curriculum that meets all of our needs, which can be difficult at times. I can honestly say that I am thrilled with how everything is laid out. It's been easy to flow along and I love that my daughter can go her own pace and not get overwhelmed. Bonus points is simply that we get lots of Jesus as we go through each subject. We love it!
Life saver!
Review by Kayla
This was my 1st year of Homeschooling and this bundle was the simplest for me & my son. He loved every subject and it was an awesome 1st year because of Master Books!
Love it!
Review by Jenn
We love how the curriculum centers on God. We realized that Math wasn’t challenging but once we finished we went onto the next level. Since it was our first year, we have learned so much! It makes school fun!
Overall great curriculum
Review by Lacey
We love this curriculum. The Language Arts is great, my kid just did not care for reading the same pages of the story over and over and talking about it. It is repetitive, which is good, but my kid would rather read the whole story and be done, not go back and forth with it.

Math and history she loves. The science adventure book it comes with, my kid was kind of bored with. I ended up ordering the God's design for Beginners and she likes that more.

Overall the curriculum is great and it eases the child into it.
Love Masterbooks Curriculum
Review by Stephanie
Started my daughter on masterbooks this year! She has loved every bit of her first grade curriculum and sometimes she wants to do more! Love knowing she is enjoying doing her school work each day!
Love Master Books
Review by Aly
My first grader was a struggling learner across the board. Master Books pace was excellent for him. The way that the material is presented and explained was perfect for his little mind. To see my guy who had to repeat kindergarten reading was such an amazing experience.
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