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Looking for an easy way to get started? Our Basic 4 subject sets include our recommended subject sets for the four core subjects for each grade level.

Master Books Basic 4 Bundles include teacher and student materials for 36 weeks of coursework in language arts, math, science, and history - including suggested daily schedules, instruction, student worksheets & quizzes, and answer keys.

What’s Included

1 x Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 2
1 x Adventures in the Physical World: Level 2
1 x My Story 2
1 x Language Lessons for a Living Education 2
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Grade 2 - Basic 4 Subject Set
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 10.3

The Basic 4 Subject sets include our grade appropriate, recommended solutions for math, language arts, history, and science. The Basic 4 set for grade 2 includes the following:

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 2

Finally, a homeschool math curriculum for the real world! Math Lessons for a Living Education 2 brings concepts to life through a Charlotte Mason flavor of engaging stories, copy work, oral narration, hands-on experience, and practical application. Equivalent to a second grade level.

Language Lessons for a Living Education 2
Incorporates picture study, memorization, grammar and punctuation, spelling & vocabulary, observation and application through creating their own stories through pictures and sentences, poems, psalms, and letters. Also develops early reading skills and gently develops narration skills.

My Story 2
Level two continues with a journey around the world, and lays a foundation for understanding state and federal governments, basic economic principles, and more. Four global quests included. Lays a foundation for God's love as students learn about his world. Starts with an understanding of the family from the Book of Genesis, Eden, Noah’s family, the Tower of Babel, and beyond. Helps children create a map of their homes and neighborhood so they can better understand a world map. Covers topics and interesting insights like toys and inventions through history, words from around the world, and homes in every shape and size, all while helping children journal their own story.

Adventures in the Physical World: Level 2
Adventures in the Physical World is an early elementary science curriculum designed to instill a love for science and bring the Bible to life. Through hands-on investigations and biblically inspired stories, students will explore and experience God’s fascinating world as they study energy, force, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. Their faith will grow as they discover they learn that science supports what they read in the Bible.

2nd grade bundle
Review by Candice
We love how the books are all bundled together for 1 purchase. They are great for the homeschool environment plus you get the time to teach them hands on. The books are easy for the kids to read and teach as well.
awesome set!
Review by Michelle
My son was super excited to do "learning time" everyday with these sets!
Great savings
Review by Lauren
We love this set. Purchase was so easy and the discount was a plus. Will definitely be ordering again in the future this way.
Review by Kendra
Love! It so easy to teach and the kids seem soak it right up. So thankful for such faith based curriculum
We are loving Master Books
Review by Megan
We have just started homeschooling for the first time. My son is in 2nd grade and so far he is loving all of his books. This makes me so happy because he was feeling so defeated when he was in public school. He is now feeling so confident with his work.
Review by Candice
My 2 kids love masterbooks and can't wait to do more.
This is a really good set
Review by Sara
Great set at a great price. I was able to use most of this to teach kindergarten and second grade at the same time. Combined with More Than Words, it is a very well rounded curriculum.
Review by Kat
We chose the Bundle after showing our 2nd grader the Science options. She LOVES the "Let's Talk Science" series. This set of books is great and she loves the Math. My Story 2 is beautiful! Last year she always began the day with Piggie Math & Science. Going to be a great year!
Love Master Books
Review by sarah
Love the bundle packs. It makes it easy to see what you need for the year. The curriculums are well written and beautifully illustrated. I am so glad that we found Master Books.
Good basic set
Review by Julie
My daughter loves Masterbooks. She's is doing well with this curriculum and loves school. I think that those is a good basic set and is probably a bit below her level in some ways, so I add extra assignments on occasion as needed. We enjoyed this set. Makes lesson planning so easy!

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