Grade K - Basic 4 Subject Set

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Looking for an easy way to get started? Our Basic 4 subject sets include our recommended subject sets for the four core subjects for each grade level.

Master Books Basic 4 Bundles include teacher and student materials for 36 weeks of coursework in language arts, math, science, and history - including suggested daily schedules, instruction, student worksheets & quizzes, and answer keys.

Bundle Contents

Simply K:

1 x Simply K

Adventures in the World Around You Level K:

1 x Adventures in the World Around Me: Level K

My Story K:

1 x My Story K

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My Story K (14.84 MB)
Simply K (2.70 MB)

The Basic 4 Subject sets include our grade appropriate, recommended solutions for math, language arts, history, and science. The Basic 4 set for Level K includes the following:

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level K
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level K (for Kindergarten) uses engaging stories about a twin brother and sister and bright, colorful pages to bring math concepts to life. Your kindergarten student will master counting, basic shapes, opposites, and graphing. While studying math, your student will also learn about nature, weather, and how unique God created them to be. Lessons are designed to take approximately 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Teacher’s instruction is included in the text.

Simply K
Simply K is an open and go course for your budding kindergartner designed to be used 3 days a week. Using a brilliant developmental approach, Simply K instills a love of learning while assessing and addressing the student’s stage of development. Using a unique method of modeling, teachers will guide the student in learning through play and interaction.

My Story K
My Story K: My Family, My Life is a kindergarten social studies course. Social studies for this age typically includes introductions to family and culture, what it is to be a good citizen, basic geography and understanding simple maps, and basic economics and the value of things, ultimately aiming toward a better understanding of God’s love for us, our families, and other people in the world. The course begins at the core with a foundation of family, neighborhood, and church. My Story K is an adventure-based curriculum that encourages families to explore the world together through four quests, and to understand it better from God’s perspective.

Adventures in the World Around Me: Level K
From learning about taste and hearing to discovering things about yourself and God, this kindergarten course is a simple way for young students to begin to understand science and the methods we use to explain it. Along the way, students will marvel at the greatness of God and His amazing creation!

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