Great Christian Classics: Volume 1 (Teacher Guide - Download)

Great Christian Classics: Volume 1 (Teacher Guide - Download)

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The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Great Christian Classics: Volume 1 course, which includes:

  • Instructional insights enhanced with worksheets and additional readings, all from a Christian perspective.
  • Critical thinking and vocabulary building activities that help students acquire knowledge and understanding.

OVERVIEW: This course is designed to introduce the student to important concepts written by some of the most influential Christians of the early church. The student will learn vocabulary and how to effectively apply it, develop a deeper familiarity with the Bible, discern the nuances and cultural references in the text, and utilize critical thinking to demonstrate a working understanding of each classical work. Students completing this course will explore five classical works that have influenced and defined tenets of Christianity, be able to understand the context of each writer’s literary work within their culture, discover more of the Bible through in-depth research, and better understand the life, theology, and worldview of some of the greatest Christian men in church history.

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes & Test
  • Answer Key
10th - 12th grade
1 Year

Features: Each suggested weekly schedule has two easy-to-manage lessons that combine reading, worksheets, and vocabulary-building opportunities. Worksheets, quizzes, and tests are perforated and three-hole punched — materials are easy to tear out, hand out, grade, and store. Adjust the schedule and materials needed to best work within your educational program. Space is given for assignments dates. There is flexibility in scheduling. Adapt the days to your school schedule.

Workflow: Students will read the pages in their book and then complete each section of the Teacher Guide. They should be encouraged to complete as many of the activities and projects as possible as well. Tests are given at regular intervals with space to record each grade. If used with younger students, they may be given the option of only choosing activities or projects of interest to them and taking open book tests.

Lesson Scheduling: Space is given for assignment dates. There is flexibility in scheduling. For example, the parent may opt for a M–W schedule rather than a M, W, F schedule. Each week listed has four to five days. Adapt the days to your school schedule. As the student completes each assignment, he/she should put an “X” in the box.

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Title Great Christian Classics: Volume 1 (Teacher Guide - Download)
Contributors Kevin Swanson
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

A course to help you learn about the history of God’s Kingdom first-hand through five classic texts.

The history of God’s church and the lives of His faithful servants is some of the most amazing reading available for Christians today, and the most compelling of those books are often personal accounts of accepting Jesus and working for God. Read and study five autobiographies of noteworthy Christians in-depth through the Great Christian Classics, Vol. 1. The course:

  • Combines 5 powerful classic Christian texts
  • Covers significant figures of church history from the medieval period to the 1800s
  • Includes The Confessions of Augustine (AD 401), Patrick’s Confessions & Breastplate (AD 450), and History of the Reformation of Religion Within the Realm of Scotland (AD 1571)

This course features first-hand accounts of the lives of Augustine, Patrick, John Knox, John Bunyan, and John G. Paton. You will be inspired by stories of conversion in the Middle Ages and 18th century England, as well as tales of missionary work in medieval Ireland, Reformation Scotland, and the 19th century Pacific.

The newly revised and updated book is the perfect text for this high school church history course, and this teacher guide includes a detailed course schedule and all assignments needed for a full year of history.

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