Handwriting: A to Zoo (Download)

Handwriting: A to Zoo (Download)


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For grades 1-2

Handwriting: A to Zoo by Master Books offers a biblical homeschool curriculum for grades 1-2, perfect for developing correct letter formation and fine motor skills. Authored by Carrie Bailey, known for top-ranked curricula like Catch on to Cursive, this engaging course blends the beauty of creation with fundamental writing skills. With a 5-day per week schedule and fun activities including reading, writing, and hands-on exercises, students will love learning handwriting while exploring unique animals in God’s creation.

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Handwriting: A to Zoo

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SKU K359-9
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Handwriting: A to Zoo (Download)
Contributors Carrie Bailey
Page Count 456
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Handwriting: A to Zoo is a biblical homeschool curriculum providing your younger students a delightful journey of learning to print their letters. Perfect for grades 1-2 or as extra practice for older students, this engaging course helps children master lowercase and capital letters through a fun and educational adventure. Combining the beauty of creation with the fundamentals of print writing, this book captivates, educates, and inspires young learners.

Author of Master Books' top-ranked homeschool curriculum including Stepping Stones, Simply K, and Catch on to Cursive, Carrie Bailey offers your family a whole-child, developmental approach to learning to write. Your students will develop the knowledge, muscle control, and stamina to write while loving the process of learning handwriting.

Course Features:

  • Ideal for grades 1-2; extra practice for grades 3 and up
  • 5-day per week schedule, 20-30 minutes per exercise
  • Convenient daily schedule with well-designed lessons
  • Fun reading with hands-on activities, faith tie-ins, and writing exercises
  • Includes reviews for assessments or optional grading

Course Objectives:

  • Correct letter formation and fine motor skill development
  • Build writing stamina with supportive features
  • Improve reading, writing, and visual-spatial skills with midline activities
  • Develop muscle memory for correct letter formation
  • Learn about unique animals in God’s creation

Course Overview:

  • Exercise 1: Reading, warm-up activities, and writing practice
  • Exercise 2: Letter identification, warm-up, and additional writing practice
  • Exercise 3: Introduction of new letters or numbers
  • Exercise 4: Continued letter identification and writing practice
  • Exercise 5: Review and independent practice

As the course progresses, students will enjoy review lessons, tracing, writing exercises, and activities to build writing fluency, including Scripture copy in the final lessons. Prepare to enjoy teaching your student to print their letters on this captivating handwriting journey!

A great handwriting course with projects!
Review by sara
I do not know who was more excited for this book to release, me or my 2nd grader! She could certainly use some handwriting practice so I was happy to jump into this book. Upon first looking into the book I thought maybe this was below her writing level, but as I have learned in the past using MB: trust the process! It may seem to start off slow but as it progresses, this curriculum certainly does the necessary fine tuning and works on important things like stamina that might have been rushed through without proper handwriting techniques. My 2nd grader was able to move quickly through the beginning of the 1st quarter because she is older, but we really started to see fruits as she began to write more and understand proper writing through the lens of this book. We of course LOVED the animals facts weaved throughout, and my daughter will tell you her favorite thing about this curriculum is the PROJECTS! I know I can always count on MB to make Christ the center of any subject and we really appreciate all of the fun and creative ways they tie in each lesson.

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