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Age Range: Entire Family

Master Books’ morning baskets bring Christian homeschool families together for a united focus on the Lord our God. The Heart of God Morning Basket offers you an easy-to-follow schedule of Bible instruction, devotional reading, and faith-building activities to draw your family’s attention to our Creator and the importance of His Word. This collection includes a study of Psalm 119 with prayer guides, a full-color, encyclopedic-style exploration of God’s Creation, and coloring books to keep busy hands engaged with the truths being taught.

What’s Included

1 x Developing A Heart for God
1 x Wonders of Creation
1 x God Created the Insects of the World
1 x God Created the Birds of the World
1 x God Created the Animals of the World
1 x God Created the Dinosaurs of the World
1 x God Created the People of the World
1 x God Created the Sea Life of the World
1 x God Created the World & the Universe
1 x God Created the Plants & Trees of the World
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Heart for God Morning Basket
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 8.6

The Heart of God Morning Basket supplies every Christian homeschool family with a focused time of Bible instruction, devotional reading, and activities to reinforce the truths being taught. Add this biblical worldview collection of books to your morning or evening routine to help your family know and trust the Word of God. With the easy-to-follow schedule provided, you will have all you need for your own dedicated time of devotion and for knitting your children’s hearts to the heart of God.

This Master Books morning basket includes:

Developing a Heart for God

Developing a Heart for God is a beautiful devotional experience designed to renew your passion for the Creator and Redeemer as your first love. Rich commentary, gorgeous photography, and pastoral prayer guides fill this Bible study of Psalm 119. Immerse yourself in these anointed truths that point to the power of God’s Word to restore, heal, and refresh your soul.

Wonders of Creation

Explore God’s amazing creation with this beautiful, encyclopedic-styled presentation of land mammals, sea creatures, bird, insects, stars, planets, mathematics, and more! Wonders of Creation is a full color homeschool resource that can be used in unit studies, in an exploration of a child’s specific interests, and is often enjoyed as a read aloud.

God Created Coloring Books

A series of 8 coloring sticker books designed to heighten children’s awareness of the truth of God’s Creation, these books teach children about the world God has made. Not only will kids learn about the world around them, but they will see how it reflects God’s plan. They will have fun doing so as they color and use the stickers!

A great way to start the day
Review by Laura
This morning basket is so much fun for all ages. The devotional is reflective yet short enough for the attention span of little kids. The Wonders of Creation book is full of fascinating facts and vivid pictures on a wide range of creation topics. The coloring books also have a lot of fun facts about all parts of creation. Kids young and old will enjoy coloring in the coloring book. The included schedule is great to help keep the pace with all of the books and to add in the coloring pages. This is a wonderful addition to our day.
So much to learn for old and young
Review by Lexie
This morning basket is perfect for a family to work together on no matter the age of the children. The Heart for God book takes a look through Psalms 119. The sections are short enough to not lose the interest of little listeners yet densely packed with rich material that even a high schooler (or even mom) would benefit from. At the end of each section is a prompt to meditate on the specific study and verse.

The Wonders of Creation book has the most amazing quality of pictures I have seen in a long time. Each segment presents information that captures little listeners as well as educates the older age of children in a family.

The coloring books are also beautifully designed with information at the bottom that even taught me a few things. I love how all of these details points the family back to the Creator!
Simple to use, Christ centered, family friendly
Review by Dawn
I love that this is set up to allow the whole family to use it together. It is a great way to start your morning focused on Christ.

There is Bible reading, devotionals, and science. The devotionals are short enough for the attention spans of younger children but rich enough to be meaningful for the whole family.

I appreciate that they incorporate coloring books for younger children because it keeps them engaged and helps with their attention span.

The included plan shows you exactly what materials to use and when and makes it very open-and-go, but it could also easily be adapted to meet your family's needs.
This can be used multiple ways!
Review by Abbie
I was excited to have the opportunity to review this basket with my crew. Let me preface with the fact that I am currently home-schooling children from 1-16 years old. This means toddlers, preschool, pre-K, grades 1, 3, 5, 9 and 10. When I am looking for morning family time material, I often seek out things that can work with multiple age levels and attention spans.

This basket does just that! The coloring books with the small lessons are perfect for elementary, preschool and toddler age children. And Developing a Heart for God was excellent for all my kids as well. I did adapt this a bit for the younger ones just because the reading was a bit lengthy for their attention span. However, all my talkers learned the verses associated with the study. For my older kids we took it a bit further to have them journal how to apply what they learned.
Heart for God Morning Basket
Review by Santina
This is an excellent collection of resources put into one easily scheduled morning basket. The gorgeous pictures in both the Wonders of Creation book and Developing a Heart for God devotional are amazing and inspirational. The detailed coloring books coordinate with Wonders of Creation and provide a great way to keep hands busy while your children listen. I appreciate the consistency of the layout of Developing a Heart for God. Overall, this is a very encouraging resource and my favorite morning basket to begin our day!
A favorite way to start our day
Review by Becky V
The Heart for God Morning Basket is a perfect way to start your day as a family. Included in this bundle is Developing A Heart for God, Wonders of Creation, and the 8 coloring books that make up the God Created series. A recommended schedule is included that takes you through these resources over a 36-week timeframe at 5 days a week.

Developing a Heart for God by Ron Auch is a beautiful verse-by-verse devotional on Psalm 119 that is meant to help you develop a deeper intimacy with God through prayer and meditating on Scripture. Each day, you will read a verse from this Psalm and read the devotional from this book and meditate on the verse.

Wonders of Creation is a beautiful guide that takes you through God's Creation. This book is used twice a week alongside Developing a Heart for God. We have loved reading about and looking at the pictures of God's creatures.

On the days you do not use Wonders of Creation, you will be utilizing the fun coloring books! Each book includes a sticker for each coloring page that your children can place on the coordinating page. Each coloring page also has text that will be read aloud.

This morning basket truly is for all ages and we have so enjoyed going through Psalm 119 together and seeing all the wonders of creation. I would highly recommend this morning basket as a way to start your day growing in Christ as a family.
Great for a wide range of ages!
Review by Lacee
This Morning Basket set is packed full of amazing resources for a wide range of ages! The 8 coloring books are great for the younger ages (my almost 4 year old and 6.5 year old LOVE to color). The coloring books have scriptures on every page walking you through what God created within each book (the print copies have stickers, but if you get the pdf, you can print the stickers in color and have your kids cut them and glue them on the pages). Wonders of Creation is a book EVERYONE should have in their library. The pictures are lovely and the content takes you on a journey through so many topics about God's amazing creations. Developing a Heart for God is a wonderful devotional on Psalm 119, it breaks the Psalm down for the reader and draws you closer to God.

This entire set will be encouraging to every family that uses it, no matter if you use it all together or break it apart for different ages. Be sure to use the provided schedule to guide you through using each resource together for your school year!
A beautiful collection that will become favorites!
Review by Audrey
The Heart for God Morning Basket is a great combination of resources to use for a span of ages. I believe it’s the perfect combination of what a morning basket should be. Resources that are engaging, interesting, fun, and most importantly, allow for hearts to grow closer to God and know Him more. The coloring books are a great way to keep younger kids engaged and focused, while corresponding to the learning and science in Wonders of Creation. The information in that book is thorough and older students (and parents) will learn so much about science in many areas, while pointing to the Creator.

My favorite book of this collection is Developing a Heart for God. It is a verse-by-verse commentary on Psalm 119 and is written in a way that allows for deep reflection and growth. The artwork adds to beauty and is a great coffee table book to read over and over. This is one of the best morning basket combinations I’ve seen and I can see every stage benefiting from this collection.
Beautiful way to start the day in His glory!
Review by Kathleen
Includes 8 coloring books (with scripture on every page)
Includes Developing a Heart for God: Devotional on Psalm 119 David's innermost feelings about his God
Includes Wonders of Creation: One of my favorite books The vibrant pictures and photos could be framed. Each statement leads to great discussion on just how amazing God's creation is.
Also included is a 180 day schedule which breaks up the books throughout the year.

This is a wonderful morning basket, your kids will have so much fun coloring in the pictures as you read and then the discussions afterword's will start everyone's day off in awe of our amazing God.
Fun, Easy and Colorful Devotional Set
Review by Michele
Heart for God Morning Basket
This Morning Basket devotional set is so fun and easy to use, with four 9-week plans already created for you. It would be perfect for an entire school year. The Wonders of Creation is filled with many different kinds of animals, the solar system, nature, our bodies, fossils, even math! It makes the perfect science book for the year, as it covers so many topics. Developing a Heart for God is so beatifically written and explains Psalm 119 with such detail. I have a greater understanding of this psalm than I did before and it helped explain many verses so much better to my kids, than I ever could have done. Each day takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read and discuss and there is a color page with just about every topic you read about, from the eight different God Created Coloring Books. It is the perfect companion for all ages to color while you read the passages to your family, especially great for our young busy children and/or those who just love to color.

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