Heroes of the War for Independence (MP3 Audiobook Download)

Heroes of the War for Independence (MP3 Audiobook Download)

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For Grades 6 - 8

Heroes of the War for Independence: Notable Lives from History is a fun and engaging reader for students or anyone with a love for history. Explore the lives and accomplishments of 10 heroes from history. These fascinating stories incorporate well for students in grades 6-8 in many areas of study including history, language arts, vocabulary words and definitions, and cultural insights.

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SKU KD364-3
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Heroes of the War for Independence (MP3 Audiobook Download)
Subtitle Notable Lives from History
Series What A Character! Notable Lives from History
ISBN 13 9781614589143
Contributors Marilyn Boyer
Duration (in Minutes) 127
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Meet unforgettable people and animals in the What a Character! Notable Lives from History series as you enjoy 10 real stories within each book!

Designed to be fun and engaging for students or anyone with a love for history, these readers include a fascinating focus on important, influential, and visionary people, along with heroic animal escapades! From scientists to famous women to war heroes and more, there is something of interest for everyone in this exciting series!

This volume, Heroes of the War for Independence, is recommended for Grade 6 and up and includes:

  • Paul Revere
  • John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg
  • Betsy Ross
  • John Stark
  • Mad Anthony Wayne
  • John Sevier
  • Reverend James Caldwell
  • Nathanael Greene
  • Emily Geiger
  • Marquis de Lafayette

Each book can be read in any order and includes colorful and fun images. Definitions are included to help readers learn the new words they will discover. Read for enjoyment or as an extension of your history, science, or language arts curriculum.

Table of Contents

  • The War of Independence
    • 1. Paul Revere — Rider for Liberty
    • 2. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg — The Fighting Parson
    • 3. Betsy Ross — America’s Flag
    • 4. John Stark — Hero of Bennington
    • 5. Mad Anthony Wayne — The Midnight Attack
    • 6. John Sevier — The Battle of Kings Mountain
    • 7. Reverend James Caldwell — The Fighting Chaplain
    • 8. Nathanael Greene — The Fighting Quaker
    • 9. Emily Geiger — A Dangerous Ride
    • 10. Marquis de Lafayette — America’s Friend
  • Glossary
  • Corresponding Curriculum
  • Endnotes
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